With this victory, the Madrid side secured their place in the round of 16, in which they will be for the fifteenth time in a row.

The team of Zidane has been rediscovered with the goal, although tonight’s rival has not offered great resistance. The Spanish painting is much superior.

We remember the scorers of the Zidane team: Modric, Benzema (2), Nacho and Cristiano Ronaldo (2).

Real Madrid thrashed in their visit to APOEL, but the whole of Zidane will go on as second group because Tottenham has won in the Borussia field and has secured the lead of the group in the absence of a day.

End of the match Real Madrid’s resounding victory in his visit to APOEL.

93 Nauzet blocks Cristiano Ronaldo, author of a double.

92 Madrid look for the seventh goal until the end.

91 Nacho’s fault in a one-on-one with Ebecilio.

90 The referee has added three minutes of extension.

Carvajal, who was ready, has blatantly sought yellow by delaying a throw-in. First card of the match.

89 This game is coming to an end although both teams are still searching for the goal.

88 Good combination between Asensio and Ceballos inside the area, but a defender finished clearing.

86 The match is becoming a correcalles in this last section. Madrid, with such a clear marker, have lost a point of concentration.

85 Against Madrid after the corner kick. There were six white players against two from the Cypriot side. The shot of Ceballos crashed into a defender.

84 First shot with danger of APOEL in this match. Aloneftis tried to surprise Casilla, who deflected a corner kick.

Shameful launch of Aloneftis, which allows against Real Madrid. The play ends with a pass from Theo that Borja Mayoral can not send to the net.

81 Carvajal is now missing on Zahid committed on the front.

81 Now it is Poté who is missing Nacho.

80 Theo’s foul on Poté in the midfield.

79 APOEL looks for a final drive to score a goal and give joy to their spirited fans.

78 APOEL distant shot that bolcks low and without any problem the goalkeeper of the white set.

77 Theo’s foul on the side of the Casilla area.

76 Theo’s low pass to the area is cleared by the Cypriot defense.

75 We entered the last quarter of an hour of this APOEL-Real Madrid that we are telling you live ABC.es.

74 The supporters of APOEL continue their chants despite the bulging scoreboard.

Out of play by Lucas Vázquez in a rehearsed corner kick.

72 Asensio shot from inside the area, in the left zone, deflected by Nauzet to corner.

Out of play for Poté, protested by the fans of the Cypriot side.

71 APOEL still can not find a way to generate danger for Real Madrid.

70 Madrid controls the ball and plays calmly because the result is very clear.

Farias clears the launch of the foul and the ball goes to corner kick.

67 Foul on Cristiano on the side of the area. Danger.

66 Last change in APOEL. Morais retires and enters the Dutch Ebecilio, a player from the Ajax quarry.

66 The match is still played in the APOEL field.

65 Absolute dominion and control of the game by Real Madrid.

Benzema is the third replaced by Ziadane, who already had it planned before that clash with Cristiano. Mayoral has entered.

64 Both players are recovered.

63 Clash between Benzema and Cristiano in an attempt to finish inside the area. AMbos are lying on the grass and the referee for the game.

Aloneftis tried a rehearsed play, but the ball went straight down the bottom line.

61 Foul in favor of APOEL.

60 Second change of APOEL. SE goes Sallai and enters Efrem.

60 Aloneftis makes a corner kick for APOEL.

59 Change in the APOEL. Vinicius leaves and Farias enters.

58 Change in Madrid, the first. Marcelo and Kroos leave and enter Ceballos and Theo.

58 Nacho leaves the lawn, it seems he has to swallow.

57 Assists have entered the field, but Nacho still does not recover.

56 Casilla sends the ball away because Nacho hurts on the grass after a set with Poté. The striker could put his elbow in the throat of the Spanish defender.

Great goal by Cristiano, who pursued a clearance by Nauzet against Benzema. In fall and with a turn, the Portuguese, empty door, finished and sent the ball to the net. Half a dozen Madrid goals in Nicosia.

Goool de Cristiano The sixth of Madrid!

Modric’s lack of Vinicius in the midfield.

53 Nauzet stops Kroos’s pass from the left.

52 Launch of Cristiano after receiving from Benzema. The shot from the front is diverted. The Portuguese wants more.

50 Madrid, as this goes on like this, you can have a feast in Nicosia. The APOEL is a toy in the hands of the Zidane team.

49 Perfect head of Cristiano, who finished in suspension, after the pass of Marcelo from the left. Seventh of Portuguese in the Champions League.

Goool de Cristiano The fifth of Madrid!

48 Lake Foul on Lucas Vázquez, who hurts in the grass.

Casilla goes to the line of the big area and blocks the ball that Poté was looking for.

46 Take the corner for Madrid, the first of the second act.

The second part begins. Madrid puts the ball in motion.

APOEL and Real Madrid jump to the field to face the second part of this game. It rains finely on Nicosia. There are no changes in the teams. Follow the same 22 protagonists.

Celebration of the goal of Nacho, third of Real Madrid Madrid, master of the ball, has tied APOEL, unable to shoot with danger to goal in this first time, in which the referee has not shown yellow chasers. We are attentive to the possible changes that may occur in the rest of the APOEL-Real Madrid that we are telling you live on ABC.es.

Real Madrid goes rest with the match ended. Only a miracle could allow the APOEL, a very inferior opponent in the first act, could turn around this strong marker. The whole of Zidane was ahead with a goal by Modric, Benzema extended the rent, Nacho returned to see goal and finally, shortly before the referee decreed the final, the French striker repeated to sign a double.

End of the first part

Four. Five
Great against Real Madrid after that corner kick. The play ended with a gift from Cristiano to Benzema, who did not fail to sign a double before the break. The referee has added two minutes of extension.

Four. Five
Goool de Benzema Real Madrid’s fourth goal

44 Take the corner for APOEL, which combined well now in attack. Aloneftis, the best of the Cypriots, forced the corner.

43 Without ideas the Cypriot picture when trying to leave his field. The ball that was looking for Poté now goes down the sideline.

42 The release of Poté now goes very far. A very powerful shot, but did not find the right direction.

42 Varane heads home the corner kick and Nacho finishes with a foot from the small area. The Madrid resolves before the break.

Goool de Nacho Third of Real Madrid !!!

40 Cristiano’s shot hits a rival and the ball goes to a corner.

40 Benzema receives on the front and with a tight shot beats Nauzet.

Goool del Madrid ¡Goool by Benzema !!!

38 Vinícius loses in others the ball.

37 Recovers the APOEL on the front, but Poté loses the ball at the start. A new robbery of Real Madrid, which leaves no options to his rival.

Casilla bravely leaves the ball and catches the ball.

Nacho’s lack on Poté in a jump in the midfield of the white team. Aloneftis is ready to execute the launch.

35 The match that we are telling you live and direct is clear white. Now Nacho commits offside.

34 APOEL has serious difficulties leaving its field when it steals in the area. Far superior to Zidane’s painting so far.

Cristiano header from inside the area, but the ball and gear deviated. The Portuguese is angry.

32 Small pique between Vouros and Cristiano Ronaldo.

31 Despite the score, the APOEL public continues to push their own.

30 Madrid controls the game, in which APOEL has barely bothered Casilla in these first 30 minutes.

29 Lack of Cristiano, who flew in the area to finish off a header inside the area and ended up climbing in a defender.

Good arrival of Sallai to the area. The Hungarian finished with a header, but the ball went high.

27 APOEL tries to react to Madrid’s goal, which leads on the scoreboard.

Modric claims a penalty from Poté, but the referee does not point it out. The lack seems very clear, the question is whether it is inside or outside the area.

24 The match is set for Real Madrid after this goal by Modric. Zidane’s are still looking for the Cypriot area.

2. 3
Goric of Modric, who hunted from the front a Vinicius heel clearance. The ball came through the post of Nauzet, who stretched but could not do anything to avoid the goal. Great Croatian goal.

2. 3
Goool of Real Madrid Goool of Modric

22 Sallai falls in front and the Portuguese referee does not signal a foul, which angers the Cypriot fans.

21 CRistiano’s launch from far away in that foul. The ball goes out of bounds.

Carlao’s lack behind Christian, who hurts and gets angry. Frontal launch, but move the area away.

19 Control of the Madrid ball, but Benzema loses the ball with his pass inside the area. The whole of Zidane begins to control the encounter.

Shot by Cristiano Ronaldo with left from outside the box. The low ball goes near the goal post of Nauzet.

17 Casilla stops Aloneftis’s pass from the left.

17 Nacho and Varane knocked out Poté, who was left alone before Casilla.

16 Distant shot of Vinícius that leaves very high and deviated.

15 APOEL defends with order and many aids. Madrid must print more speed to their actions.

14 The launch of that foul ends with the ball coming off the end line. He will take Real Madrid out of the door.

Nacho’s lack in the midfield of the white field. It will take out Aloneftis.

13 Shot by Carvajal from the peak of the area that stops Nauzet without problems.

12 Loses Asensio, but APOEL renounces to leave with speed.

12 Zidane’s team starts to have more possession of the ball.

Nauzet goes ahead with his departure at the arrival of Cristiano, who was looking for a long pass from Modric. Very attentive the Spanish goalkeeper, who slipped before touching the ball.

10 Foul on Modric in the pressure of the Cypriots on the Croatian.

8 The Cypriot team has started by pressing up Zidane’s team, who does not seem comfortable in these first minutes of the game.

7 First arrival of APOEL in the area. Zahid finished the play with a long shot that blocked Kiko Casilla without problems.

Out of play Aloneftis, the first to be noted in this game.

6 New throw-in for APOEL.

5 Attention Nauzet lies back on the grass and the referee stops the game. It hurts the previous play, in which his head collided with Carlao. It seems that the Spanish is dizzy.

4 Take off for APOEL, which is being encouraged by their fans.

3 Fortunately Nauzet recovers. The corner will be removed.

2 Goalkeeper Nauzet has been lying on the grass. Has received the blow of a partner in that play. Enter the assists.

2 Nauzet saves the shot of Cristiano Ronaldo in a great account of Real Madrid. The ball ends in a corner, first of the game.

1 Twenty seconds and first fault in the absence of APOEL. The white set sports black bracelets.

APOEL-Real Madrid begins It’s the Cypriot team that puts the ball in motion.

Now comes the moment of protocol greetings and the draw of fields. In the absence of Sergio Ramos, injured, Marcelo is the one who wears the bracelet. In APOEL it is Nuno Miguel who is the captain.

Nice typhus of APOEL fans in the stands of their stadium, which have been covered with cardboards. The anthem of the Champions now sounds.

ATTENTION The players jump to the grass
GSP Stadium.

APOEL and Real Madrid wait in the locker room for the order to jump onto the pitch.

We also remember the eleven inciial APOEL: Nauzet, Roberto Lago, Rueda, Carlao, Vouros, Nuno Morais, Vinicius, Sallai, Zahid, Poté and Aloneftis.

Zinedine Zidane changes tonight the drawing of his titular team going on to play with double pivot and ends, with the novelties of Lucas Vázquez and Marco Asensio. We remind you of Real Madrid’s line-up: Casilla; Carvajal, Varane, Nacho, Marcelo; Kroos, Modric, Lucas Vázquez, Marco Asensio; Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema.

The atmosphere, as the hour of the beginning of the game approaches, is increasing in the stands of the stadium of APOEL, which are already practically full of people. We are already in the countdown for the start of this attractive match.

We remind you that another Spanish team is playing on Tuesday. Sevilla hosts Liverpool at the Sánchez Pizjuán.

The players of APOEL and Real Madrid have already retired to the locker room after completing their warm-up. It is time to receive the last instructions before facing the duel, corresponding to the fifth day of the Champions League and that we are already reporting live on ABC.es.

The players of APOEL and Real Madrid have been doing warm-up exercises on the turf for several minutes now. The fans are already starting to warm up the atmosphere. We remember that it is the second time that the whole white team visits Nicosia, in the previous match the Madridistas won by 0-3.

The APOEL is the team of the Champions that has less possession in their statistics. So far he has received eight goals in this group stage.

Numerous fans are already at the APOEL stadium, although there are still many empty seats. The whole of Zidane will count tonight with the support of 600 white followers.

Another curious fact about this APOEL-Real Madrid. In the Cypriot side there are soccer players of fifteen different nationalities, among them three Spaniards. The three are holders tonight: goalkeeper Nauzet Pérez, Jesús Rueda and Pablo Lago. It turns out to be curious the case of Osasuna’s 32-year-old exguardameta, who was without a team and arrived at the Cypriot club just a month ago without a team.

If Madrid win tonight will get its way to the second round of the Champions for the fifteenth time in a row.

The champion of the last five leagues in Cyprus currently occupies the fifth position in the domestic competition, nine points behind the leader and with three matches less disputed. The pupils of Doris chain four consecutive games without knowing the defeat and come to the appointment with high morale after having won 1-3 to Omonia Nicosia, in the derby of the city, last weekend.

We remind you that the referee of APOEL-Real Madrid that we are going to tell live is the Portuguese Artur Dias.

These are the matches of the Champions League this Tuesday. Two matches have already been played.

The GSP Stadium will register today an absolute full after the more than 22,000 seats that the stadium can house have been sold.

To try to surprise Real Madrid, Giorgos Doris, coach of APOEL, clings to Benin’s instinct goalscorer Poté, who has scored in six of the last seven games he has played. The Cypriots have the casualties of Waterman and Milanov, both seriously injured, and Bertoglio, who has not recovered in time from his discomfort in a thigh.

We remind you that the APOEL-Real Madrid, whose previous one we are already telling you live, will start at 20:45. Where to see the APOEL-Real Madrid.

Finally, the discard players by Zidane for the duel against APOEL have been Achraf and Marcos Llorente.

This is the lineup of APOEL against Real Madrid with: Nauzet Pérez; Vouros, Rueda, Carlao, Lake; Sallai, Morais, Vinícius, Aloneftis; Poté and Zahid.

Attention we already have the eleven of Real Madrid in Nicosia. Zidane has chosen Casilla, Carvajal, Varane, Nacho, Marcelo, Lucas Vázquez, Modric, Toni Kroos, Asensio, Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo. The French coach introduces three news regarding the last league match against Atletico Madrid: Nacho, Asensio and Lucas Vázquez enter, and Ramos (injured), Casemiro and Isco.

Real Madrid faces this match without Keylor Navas in goal, Sergio Ramos in defense after fracturing the nasal septum in the Madrid derby, nor Gareth Bale in the attack.

APOEL and Real Madrid have already reached the GSP Stadium. We are waiting to know the official lineups of this game.

APOEL fell clearly in Madrid 3-0, but in its stadium its strength is often multiplied, so it will be vital that Zinedine Zidane “plug” from the minute one to yours and avoid unnecessary relaxations

Nicosia is the only European capital, and possibly the world, without an airport. Well, having it has it, but frozen in time, and with the ghostly aspect of a zone victim of a warlike conflict that split this tourist island of the Mediterranean in two.

Although ABC.es tells them live the development of the duel between Cypriots and Spaniards, this match can also be followed on television. Where to see the APOEL-Real Madrid.

Madrid is visiting Nicosia for the second time, where they have already won APOEL (0-3) in the first leg of the Champions League in 2012. They are not allowed to fail in Cyprus.

This afternoon has already been played the Youth League match between APOEL and Real Madrid, in which the white team has won (0-3). Two goals by Óscar Rodríguez and one by Dani Gómez have given the triumph to the team that trains Guti.,

A victory in the match against APOEL would give Real Madrid the pass to the second round of the Champions League, in which Zinedine Zidane’s team defends title. This is the classification of the Group.

Good evening and welcome to ABC.es. Today we are going to tell you live the development of the match between APOEL and Real Madrid, corresponding to the fifth day of the group stage of the Chanmpions.

When things are not clear, Lucas leaves. Always brings the basics: a young human being running. Running is important. It sounds like Rajoy’s maxim, but yes: running is important. It seems that others are infected. Benzema, for example, started with enthusiasm and crossed the entire field on one occasion in the first minute.

APOEL is a rival for mercy, but they were going to take advantage of it for what, in tactical language, would be called a “psychic readjustment.” The APOEL are calamitous in defense and the only thing they did with something of merit was to press at the beginning. The pressure is already made by almost all teams, and lasts what lasts. But something so simple demonstrates the infinite levels of organization that anything can take. The Madrid responded as almost always, with a disheveled game, a non-style. Not much touch, not much speed. Losses of ball, some cluelessness. The team is perhaps the best season in its history, which also reached an unknown level of play. He accumulated men in the midfield and Isco appeared. He had the ball again and that’s how regularity came in the wins. There should be a general concern in Real Madrid to ensure and deepen that form of play, but the “environment” only seems to worry about whether Benzema scores or not.

Since the days of Mourinhism, as a lyrical resource of the most “pleasant” Florentinism and as a residue of those quarrels with the dogmatism of the Tiquitaca, the idea has spread that Madrid has to play disorganized, or very direct, or crazy. Or even against, which was always the style of Atleti. The method and touch is for others, the Madrid (to believe this sector of Real Madrid) is the club of kidnapping, a mixture of «Spanish fury», spiritism and world class.

So things, the Madrid of Zidane sailed lately by the no-style, by the absence of defined game. Not very direct, not much touch. A mediocrity that before the APOEL could be happy because it broke out finally in goals.

Modric opens the scoring
There was good news. Or the continuation of some. Modric, who had already seemed against Atleti, scored the 1-0 away shot. To say that goalkeeper Nauzet “could do more” would be unfair to the goalkeeper’s abilities.

Madrid fanned their game and before the bleeding of APOEL their forwards sharpened the fang. Cristiano did Benzema this time
and he “worked” the goals. In the first one it was a quick movement for Kroos to attend the approximately nine French; in the second, a gesture of generosity after a nice counter. In both goals, Benzema went head-to-head without being overwhelmed by a scarcely feline goalkeeper. The meritorious Nauzet is the typical porter that no one would ever call “cat”.

Benzema celebrated his goal with Zidane, who has a different patience with him. In between there was a goal by Nacho in a corner; He finished off just one ball combed by Varane.

The APOEL tried to stand up from its ruin but only Aloneftis aroused psychomotor hopes. The media was composed of Vinicius and Morais, but they had nothing to do with Vinicius of “Morais.” Some player was overweight almost amateur.

After the rest the feast continued for a few minutes. The old connection between Marcelo and Cristiano gave way to the fifth, head first. I needed a party like that Christian. Sweat. Sweep goals. Have fun. He combined well, ran some against and even smiled.

It marked the sixth in another play in which the Spaniards Rueda and Nauzet collaborated with a defensive disaster of silent cinema. Benzema pressed (yes, what they read) and Christian walled insatiable and ready. The level of the APOEL is in the continental limits, any consequence of the game would be a deception. The Madrid stars made up their numbers with a rival with whom they would have to collaborate rather than compete.

Zidane gave the final half hour to Theo, Ceballos and Mayoral. Not much happened. It surprised the public morale, which did not stop singing some sad and deep chants, a litany that did not even seem football. It looked like a funeral dirge of atonement.

Madrid already had what he wanted. As the goal has something of habit and another bit of superstition, this match can improve things. Cristiano and Benzema, who were stiff, tuned their noses. They looked like winemakers. The Apoel will have cured what the drought had of psychological. There will be better nights to talk about the game.


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