Two goals by Óscar Rodríguez and one by Dani Gómez, gave the victory to Real Madrid in their visit to APOEL (0-3), on the fifth day, group H, of the Youth League, the Madridistas playing their pass to the next round in a last game against Borussia Dortmund where they need to win.

Guti's team jumped to Makarion de Nicosia third in the standings and aware that the victory, against a team that was beaten mercilessly on the first day (10-0), was a condition "sine qua non" to continue with options of to be, at least, second of group and, with this, to accede to the eliminatory ones of access to the eighth ones of end.

In addition, shortly before, Tottenham had imposed at home to that moment leader, Borussia Dortmund (1-3), with which the classification had been crowded in the upper zone and increased the Madrid options.

And from the start we saw a Real Madrid team turned towards the local area, and with the desire to channel the game soon in their favor. He already had his prize at ten minutes with a goal from Dani Gómez, after Alberto's center.

Real Madrid's dominance was intense and it was paid by a rival who was just getting close to the Madrid goal. The evidence of the unique meaning of the game is evidenced by the following information: APOL throughout the match only shot five times to goal, of which only one was between the three clubs, in addition to executing a single corner kick.

The 0-2 came in the 27th minute, through Óscar Rodríguez, a great shot player who hooked a volley from the edge of the area. From there to rest, Real Madrid lowered the piston somewhat, which did not prevent that in the 34th minute César will send a ball to the crossbar.

The second half was more a procedure, with Madrid control and dominance, with new options to extend its advantage. But it was not until the 89th minute when, again, Óscar Rodríguez of great shot put the 0-3 on the scoreboard.

Now, with a group led by Tottenham (10 points), followed by Borussia Dortmund (9), Real Madrid (7) needed in the last day of a home win against the German team to get second and qualify for the tie against a team from the so-called "Route of the National Champions".

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