Football is becoming more and more tactical, and for that reason, strategies are becoming increasingly important. Equality is maximum, especially in elite games, and often matches are resolved by small tactical details that can condition the outcome of a game. A stopped ball, a change of scheme, a change of players or their position in the field, etc. Everything can influence an outcome of an elite match that is often very close

Coaches, protagonists

It is usually said that coaches are to blame for defeats, and the players of the victories. But nothing is further from reality, coaches are largely to blame for successes and failures. They decide where to place each player, how to propose the game, and most importantly, adapt to the opponent.
The best coaches are those who know how to play each game before the player, and adapt to the opponent. But not only that, but they should also be aware of what template they have, since not all players can be valid for your style of play or your scheme. Without a doubt, it is a very complex task that requires a lot of preparation and many ideas.

A coach, just as he can lose games with his decisions, can also win them. How many times have you seen a player coming from the bench revolutionize a game, taking advantage of the spaces, the weakness of the opponent, or a certain circumstance (injury / red card of a defender, etc.). These types of circumstances are also widely used by bettors for their bets at bet365 and their live matches.
On the contrary, it is observed that this type of coaches fail to insist on expressing their ideas and style in a template that is not ready for it, as well as choosing the wrong players for each position, or changing the scheme or style of play depending on the rival. As we say, the best coach knows how to adapt to the opponent, to the circumstances of the game, and to his players

The stopped ball, capital importance today

If there is a type of strategy that has a major importance today in day, it is the stopped ball. The best example was the Atlético de Madrid of Cholo Simeone, who won a League scoring a very high number of goals at set pieces thanks to the strategy, and being defensively strong in that type of actions.
The stopped ball is a kind of strategy that consists only of training. It is tested, both in attack and in defense. The most important thing is to have a good pitcher, good heads, and a good coach who knows tactics of this kind of plays. Without a doubt they are a type of actions that can decide matches or unblock those that were condemned to tie or defeat. These are very difficult plays to defend and many teams take advantage of, especially if we talk about weak teams with poor quality in the field, but with a lot of power in this type of strategy.

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