Two years ago he was a substitute. Today is the leader of Real Madrid. The man who has arrogated to himself the virtues of Modric and Kroos to melt them all together and give gold passes for all three. His name is Francisco Alarcón, he was born in Arroyo de la Miel, responds to the cry of Isco and gave a lesson in football at the Metropolitano that was left without a prize. Ramos’ injury was, however, a worse news than the absence of a goal.

The malagueño monopolizes all the passes of Kroos and Modric, he does everything in the creation, the whole team looks for him to generate the play

It is Zidane, the best home coach of the League, who knew how to take advantage of an Andalusian talent that for years survived in the dark, with mere Guadiana brilliance, to play in positions delayed area. The French moved him in the scheme of the set. He told him as soon as he arrived that he had him, he anticipated James in the line-ups and placed him as a half-point between the lines, at the edge of the enemy area, to exploit all his genius with passes and dribbling in the moment of truth. It has been a true of the coach. Today, your player is the head of white football.

The result of that change of role is that Isco is best seen in his career, both in Real Madrid and in the Spanish national team, because Julen Lopetegui has consolidated that role of the Malaga player to become also the director of Spanish football.

«Juanfran, we have to enter him!»
Such was the domain of Isco’s ball in the Metropolitano that Juanfran was waiting for him for his band, he did not enter, because he was always ahead of him in dribbling. Simeone shouted from his technical area, bounced, ran with his black coat in the air and shouted with gestures that spoke for themselves: “Juanfran, do not wait for him, you have to enter him”. The Argentine wanted his side to bite the Madrid game chef to steal a ball, because waiting for him to allow the Malacitano to dominate at pleasure.

Isco played, opened gaps in the left area with its walls with Marcelo and the centers of both found no auctioneer. Isco received hard tickets, harassed, he hurt, he complained, but he did not lose the ball. It is symptomatic that the first fault of the match was suffered by Real Madrid rolling on the floor. It was a warning of what awaited him. The midfielder shifted sideways, to the right, and all the creativity went to that flank. The quality was attached to their boots. Francisco Alarcón gave perfect long centers, short passes to the hole and dribbling. Kroos and Modric connected with him to distribute football. He was the best. Simeone’s demand to put pressure on Isco became clear after the Atletico coach’s intermission. The Andalusian suffered more. They watched him closely. The order was not to let him receive.

The malacitano endured crashes in which it left malparado. It is not the contact that your body asks for. The rival did seek him, because strength was the only way to try to stop him.

They do not change anymore
Very marked, Real Madrid looked more to Modric to unclog the “pressing” on the Andalusian, who advanced lines to be placed near Cristiano in search of the lethal pass. Such is the importance of Isco in the ideology of Zidane that they no longer replace the first change. Asensio entered and they were able to play together. The relieved was Benzema. In the final phase, the head of the game generated three opportunities that were disrupted in the penultimate pass. It was the class in a tough game. Test of the hardness was the nasal fracture that Ramos suffered.

Isco’s football was without a goal. “The goal will come, I do not care, we played a great game,” Zidane said. “The League is not lost, Barcelona will lose points,” the Frenchman finished with optimism for the flag.

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