Madrid, with the distorted peephole
Madrid, with the distorted peephole

Zidane finds the positive side of all situations. Real Madrid’s poor scoring run, 22 goals in twelve games, twelve fewer than in the previous season, is a good example of the suffering a white player endures when the cows are weak. Young people like Ceballos, Theo, Marcos Llorente, Vallejo and Mayoral, additions of the team in the summer, have lived in four months the glory of the successes and the critics of the hard moments. “It’s a good baggage for the future,” says the coaching staff.

Real Madrid has an average of 1.8 goals per day in the first twelve; in the previous phase of twelve days he scored 34

Zidane stoically supports the drought of its stars and assures that it will rain soon, because he sees a rise in the level of soccer players like Marcelo and Modric, a train that will be uploaded by other important men in December. “And as soon as goals come, they will all come at once,” predict the coaches who work with the players.


Real Madrid is already in Cyprus
At the moment, the goals have not come. It is strange to see the champion with an average of 1.8 goals per game, when a year ago he had an average of 2.8. The forwards are dry and it is the midfielders who have tried to cover the shortcomings of the points. It is rare to find Isco and Asensio as the team’s top gunners in the domestic championship, four goals each. It is even more surprising to count Ceballos and Casemiro, a substitute and a defensive midfielder, as the following assassins of the staff, two goals each. They are matched with Bale, the BBC member who plays the least, thrashed by injuries, and the most successful sum of the three. They are data that show that the first problem of Real Madrid is that its two tips of the current 4-4-2, Cristiano and Benzema, the fixed headlines, do not work until now. Even French does not open the usual corridors to Portuguese. They are closed. There is general short circuit above. Ronaldo celebrated six goals in Champions and is obsessed with his mistake in the Spanish tournament. The French broke in September and has not regained its physical fullness. Zidane gives him matches because it is the only way for his compatriot to be the same as before. He scored a great goal in his reappearance, in Getafe, and nothing more.

Asensio is already the substitute for Benzema. But the Mallorcan is not a battering ram. It’s time to look for solutions between the forwards. Borja Mayoral, who scored a great goal in San Sebastian, deserves his chance. And Lucas, author of the same, must contribute his speed in attack to put another march to a football, Madrid, slow and predictable.

Mayoral gave up whenever he left. He is not a pure nine, he is a complete attacker who dribbles and has the strength to get away by legs, but he has a goal. He has competed only 135 minutes, divided in eight matches, in which he scored that much in the league and gave an assist in Champions.

Lucas is the best man in the «one against one» to break the closed defenses that await Real Madrid in each league match.

Ceballos, a midfielder with goal scoring, is the third way. Zidane needs to find resources and can not wait any longer. The injury of Ramos adds to the string of casualties in a very strange beginning of use.

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