The derby has increased in Madrid the tendency to blame the referees (Arminio) or the "persistent drought" of goals.

The referee was not well, and it is obvious that something happens with the goal, but the game is not talked about.

And that Madrid had a very good time at the end of the first half. It prevailed to the atmosphere and the pressure rojiblanca (in which at times a passive Borbalan made sixth midfielder) with an elaborate game. Kross, Isco and Marcelo triangulated with patience, they stayed with the ball and extended possessions of a minute until they looked for the hole for the penetration or the shot (the occasion of Kroos, for example). In those minutes came Ramos' play with Lucas.

There is another matter. The tactical evolution of the team. Madrid finished last season in 4-4-2 (in rhombus). Benzema and Cristiano play strikers. But the two are very close together. Cristiano leaves little outside the area, he does not step on the band anymore and when he does he is not so explosive. Benzema adapts, acts as secretary. Robin of Batman, Jeeves de Wooster, Arévalo de Bertín. And moves and combines by the playmaker. But his work as nine is reduced to that. The 4-4-2 last year ended up getting Cristiano totally in the area. 9 is him.

There were indications to think that Madrid would evolve from system. "Rota" the BBC, the 4-4-2 was just the way to include Isco. At present, and with the current squad, everything pointed to a 4-1-4-1 or a 4-3-3, something similar to what Lopetegui plays with Spain. That is to say, a midfielder (Busquets), and a forward center (Morata) and between two interior midfielders (Iniesta, Silva), and two more open or advanced (Isco and another). These four men can be all interiors (Iniesta, Silva, Koke, Isco) or combined with midget or extremes like Vitolo or Pedro.

The staff of Madrid had intuited that. Also the evolution of that "second unit" (as it was called) that "won" the League in the last league matches with many short ones surrounding Morata.

This requires "rethinking" the template. The campaign of signings of the Madrid this year is criticizable, but it is coherent. It is criticized because it could have assumed a renewal after the Champions, or modest, because it has entered more money than it has spent. But it is coherent, it has a form. The first thing is that it gives entry to young players (and that calls for patience and makes hope for an improvement), something not so usual, and is also consistent because it fits perfectly to a 4-1-4-1.

I ask here the reader a little patience (more), to see a way to distribute it:

Keylor / Casilla

Carvajal / Achraf

Varane / Vallejo

Ramos / Nacho

Marcelo / Theo

Casemiro / Llorente

Modric / Ceballos

Kroos / Kovacic

Isco / Asensio

Bale / Lucas

Cristiano / Benzema

The template, thought like that, has two players per position and enough variants. And the worst is not in the front, but in the defense: the need to give important minutes to Achraf or Vallejo, still inexperienced.

But above acquires meaning from passing from two points to one. Rotate the BBC, why not break it altogether?

This would renew the eleven, and also demand another role in Benzema. From the bench, would give Madrid the figure of the revulsive that does not have, and would allow a game with five midfielders, or four midfielders plus an open player (Bale) or a couple Isco / Asensio. This translates into more touch and a necessary distribution of goals in the second line.

The "Second Unit" now seems lost with the transfers of James and Morata, but rotating thus would merge the two. Eleven owner and second line would be merged in a new management of rotations. Isco, Asensio, Ceballos or Kovacic acquire a rank similar to the holders.

The drawbacks of this scheme are clear: the "management" of the new role of Benzema, and the change in a game trend, because Madrid would lose verticality in exchange for a football combinative, wider, more similar to what the Selection does . This would require a little bit of "pedagogy", because since Mourinho's time the idea has been generalized that what is specific to Madrid is direct, even disorganized, play. The sensation of disconnection between Christian and the average of the last months can also be a problem.

The 4-1-4-1 gives coherence to the squad, and requires focus the debate not on the goal (mysterious, personal, subject to gusts) but in the game. All this without prejudice to the return, at specific moments, to the BBC, with all its defects and virtues.


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