Still «outraged by the suffered penalty» in Lucas’s patadón in the Madrid derby, the Real Madrid captain listened to his doctors that he will have to spend three weeks without playing. The first thought of Ramos was to try to advance his reappearance. “It’s true, the kick (Lucas) overcomes the line of the waist, is a penalty,” commented his teammates in the locker room after watching the action on television. The head of the squad, the king of the derbies, was hurt because Fernández Borbalán did not sanction the action that broke his face. It would have allowed a maximum penalty to break the white scoring drought.

The captain’s message: “I would bleed once and a thousand times for this shield and this shirt. Nothing, back »

The morning radiographs confirmed that the defender suffers a fracture of the nasal septum and the lesion did not scare him. It’s the third time. In fact, he has a crooked nose, and you can check it if you look at his photos carefully, since Makaay accidentally finished him with a reciprocal headbutt, on March 7, 2007, in Munich. Then he returned to play in a matter of days and waited three months to be operated on, at the premiere of his summer vacation. Now think about repeating that process. It is not operating, it is low for tomorrow’s meeting in Cyprus and wants to reappear on December 2 in San Mamés.

That chronic twisting of the nose has meant that the defender breathes with difficulty. He does not complain. With that handicap he has won everything in football. «I would bleed once and a thousand times for this shield and this shirt», said the Madridista on social networks. “Nothing, back,” he added. That is his motto, his harangue, his internal decision. His idea is to miss “by obligation” the encounters against Apoel, Málaga and Fuenlabrada to lead the team in the important visit to Bilbao. If the doctors convince him, he will delay his return to the competition until December 9, during the visit of Sevilla to the Bernabéu. But the Andalusian is not a friend of conservatism. Brave, always want to risk, play as soon as possible. It is your character. And it emphasizes that the confrontation before the Athletic is determining.

Adapt to the mask
Zidane wants his field manager to be in full condition to play the Club World Cup, with the semifinal match on December 13 and the possible final three days later. And in the minds of all, a higher date transits, with six points at stake, which would be the unforgettable Vujadin Boskov: the classic of December 23 in the capital of Spain.

Ramos thinks rightly, in his desire to play now, that against Athletic and Sevilla the same points as against Barcelona are resolved. They will be his physical state and his ability to withstand shocks and avoid a blow to the nose the variables that will define when he returns to football.

The doctors have already ordered a custom facial mask so that the captain can play with the least risk. As soon as it is made it will be exercised with her in Valdebebas. You must adapt and feel comfortable. To see well by means of the protector and to avoid chafing are two fundamental aspects to compete at ease.

For now, Ramos will work daily in the gym to maintain his fitness. He wants to be very soon, on the lawn, the man in the mask.

Question of noses: three times broken

Ramos suffers a nasal septum injury for the third time in his career. On the first occasion he happened at Sevilla, but he did not need an operation. The second one was much more serious. It took place on March 7, 2007, against Bayern Munich. Makaay gave him a fortuitous headbutt. He continued in the field, with a dramatic drainage of cotton on his face. And they annulled a regulation goal in a good shot. It would have meant the draw to two, but Real Madrid lost 2-1. He did not lose Ramos. The Sevillian played until the end of the season as well. And it was operated on June 21, in full vacation.

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