It’s strange to see Zidane in a press conference with a serious gesture. His usual smile, an unequivocal sign of the happiness that Real Madrid has lived since his arrival almost two years ago, barely played a role, although he confessed that he remains optimistic despite the difficult start to his team’s season: “I have enormous luck. I have health and work in what I love the most. I enjoy what I do and I will always be positive. There are other people and jobs that are not easy ».

The white coach is still betting on his squad, which he says is playing well. The problem lies in the lack of success: “I am convinced of the resources we have. Some may be worried but I do not. In the game we can not say that we are wrong, it is in the goal. You have to put one, two and then the streak will change. Tomorrow is a day to change ».


Cristiano and Isco, protagonists in the training of Real Madrid
Zidane returned to defend Benzem
a, one of the most criticized of the last weeks, “is the first one who knows he can give more and I am here to help him”, and defended the role of young people, who despite irregular moment of the team do not have too many minutes : «In this club they will always demand more of us, but I decide when and how much each player plays, and I am convinced of all the resources we have. Young people, like Asensio, Ceballos, Llorente, Achraf … are the future of Real Madrid, but it is normal that they play less than the starters. The important thing is to talk with them so that they know the steps to follow ».

The French coach threw balls away when asked if the club intends to go to the winter window of signings and complained about the lack of questions about the game against APOEL: “We are one step away from the classification and we want to score three points. It is not the time to talk about the winter market. What matters to me is the game, and it will not be easy. We know what we are playing ».

Asensio: «My situation is different from Morata’s
Substitute of luxury, the forgotten star … They are some of the holders of the last hours around the figure of Marco Asensio, who is barely counting on minutes in this section of the season. A situation that does not worry him: “I do not read the press and I do not know those statements. I continue with the same desire as always and with the hope of becoming more and more important and take advantage of the minutes given to me by the coach, be it five, ten or leave the starter, “explained the Balearic minutes before the appearance of Zidane.

Asensio also wanted to get away from the Morata case, which returned to have more minutes and ended up leaving due to the lack of prominence in renowned matches: “They are different situations. He returned to Madrid to be important. I am young, I am 21, I am starting and I want to continue learning and working to have important and quality minutes.


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