Real Madrid has already been five years with an unbreakable front that has marked its last years. Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo have been the reference of an attack that has broken records, with which they won again a Champions League in the first season that coincided and with which, although their present is now dark, the white club has worked very well.

But life goes on and in football is not worth the past. Currently, Benzema is much discussed especially for his alarming lack of goal, Bale has been overtaken by teammates who started from behind and is the only Christian who resists. With this scenario, it is not uncommon for other great European football forwards to reappear as possible relays to those that are now.

For example, Neymar and Lewandowski, two old wishes of the white club, reappear in the present to give a new air to a 'BBC' that, for now, is blurred by what little they match and by its lack of relevance in the most decisive matches. It must be emphasized in the “for now”, because that is football. If Bale and Benzema make a final stretch of the season, all debate will be modified.

Cristiano Ronaldo greets Benzema.


Real Madrid receives Girona on Sunday (20:45 hours) in another of those games that are presented as a rock on the road rather than as a revulsive to show some joy in the League. At 15 points of Barcelona, ​​there is no incentive in a duel in which the Catalans threaten to round off their exceptional year taking points from the Bernabéu.

Whatever happens this Sunday, especially if what happens is positive, will not be this one duel to draw conclusions as far as the figures of Bale and Benzema are concerned. If they play well, it will be logical and the opponent, despite its great season, will not be a litmus test to know what situation they really are. Of course, the game will be the first of a series of meetings that will dictate sentence.

Because both Welsh and French begin a countdown in which they must show that they deserve to continue in Real Madrid. It does not hide the interest for Neymar, which the most logical substitute of Bale (football and media level), and for Lewandowski, which would meet the '9' profile that Benzema does not have, although that could clash with Cristiano's new profile

 Cristiano and Bale

Cristiano and Bale.


Real Madrid have 12 games left until the end of the season (ten of the League and two of the Champions League) that can be 15 if they reach the final of the European Cup. All of them will serve to know to what extent the two 'B' of the most famous front of the last years in football are 'plugged'. If they continue as they are, a change of chips would be understandable.

Girona's first time at the Bernabéu

They receive the targets this Sunday, in the first of those games to be examined, to the undeniable revelation team of the League. Girona arrives at the Bernabéu salvadísimo with ten games remaining, seventh in the table (Europa League posts), just one in sixth place and with an exquisite career in his first year in First Division

However, we must not forget that this Girona is not comparable to those humble teams that reach the elite and give the profile of a limited team dedicated to suffering. The Catalan team has an agreement with Manchester City and is a kind of subsidiary of the English team. It has better weapons than any of the clubs that are down this as well as other years. The Girona is a bigger project than it may seem by name and history.

Zidane, before Real Madrid – Girona

It happens that just at the arrival of the friendly teams (just after Real Madrid – Girona start the two-week stop club), Zidane account after a lot time with all his players . There are no injured and all 24 are available. Madrid will pray that none of the 19 that are falling in the inconsequential meetings of their countries. It is the team that has suffered its losses these months and now the teams that take advantage of their recovery.

As usual, Zidane did not advance anything about a possible eleven in which players could enter that in the last games have been key, in the case of Lucas Vázquez or Marco Asensio, although another option is to join the aforementioned 'BBC'. It is important to know the current status of the aforementioned Bale, if he plays. And the hunger of Cristiano which is not so far the Pichichi, although he himself has shown the last two years that the individual trophies do not care so much anymore.



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