The Manchester United striker in the Champions League has fallen as a record for the English team fans who hoped to move on in a competition that has always been good for José Mourinho. The hard battle has left the operation of the Red Devils who run others in Premier but without the ability to cope with the title. For this reason, is planning from Old Trafford next season .

The summer goal is Gareth Bale . In United they are looking for a bargain agency that will inspire the fans again and they want the Welsh man to be a leader of the revolution. Last year they considered the possibility of Bale landing in the English team, but in the summer it will be the main desire for both management and Mou.

Real Madrid's position on this will be clear: 200 million or nothing. We must remember that the transfer market in recent years has reached unbelievable heights due to English and PSG teams. Among them have inflated the price of the players, and the Real Madrid team is clear that, just as they have to pay real barbarities, whoever wants to take the Express will do the same.

In the club, they believe that the time has come to give the ultimate opportunity for players such as Asensio therefore they will not put Bale's obstacles to leave. The only requirement will be the price. Last year, United was far from the pretensions to Chamartín, which was not for the work of selling one of his stars. The last thing that happened was that the Red Devils would be willing to make an outlay of more than 100 million, an amount far from the pretensions that they currently have in Concha Espina.

The sign of Bale would be Manchester's new star . The fans have been without a clear reference since Cristiano Ronaldo was rejected. They tried to convince themselves that Pogba was the new star but the performance he has given in his two seasons at the club is far from what was expected when it became the day's most expensive entry in the history of football .

With Britas arrival they would hope to restore the illusion of a fan who has seen his team fail again in the maximum competition. They will be back among greats, and the three Champions achieved by Welshman in Real Madrid make him the most suitable to regain winning spirit absent in recent years by the Theater of Dreams. [19659007]


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