BD ANALYSIS - This Madrid has in its hands to win everything they want

Machin's box was rolled over in a match where he never stopped competing. In spite of committing several defensive failures, the Real Madrid never lowered the head. Especially Christian . A Christian who starts to approach Messi in his particular fight for the 'Pichichi'. At the beginning of the season he was critical of him, not because of anything special, but because he was not at his best level. Now, things are totally different and so they say.

It finally seems that the best team in the world is back. It does not matter which rival you play because at this level there is no club that approaches you. 90% of the staff is giving the maximum possible revenue and those who do not, at least, bring freshness from the bench. In this 2018 the Real Madrid box has earned the license to dream. Yes, after having thrown LaLiga after conceding a win against Barcelona in the Bernabéu.

There are reasons to believe in a feat that, a priori, seems to be closer than it seems: two eliminatory to double party and a final. Exactly, that is the time that remains to know if those of Zidane will aggrandize their legacy on European soil.


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