Good match and to pray that, after the stoppage of selections, all the players come healthy. This is what is requested after the Real Madrid has reached an optimal state. Those of Zidane apart from the occasional setback such as Espanyol, are in a great moment of form . This was confirmed this Sunday. [Narración y estadísticas: Real Madrid 6-3 Girona].

“When Cristiano is fine, the team is fine”

Real Madrid took the dangerous Girona off with a very good game in which especially highlighted Cristiano Ronaldo (four goals and in a huge state) and Karim Benzema ] (it was time!). Madrid was happy because has a goal and because their key pieces start to work. The final stretch of the season is turning out like last year.

The Whites scored in a game in which the crazy result was shorter than they deserved. A final 'pájara' mitigated the defeat of Girona. There were moments of siege and others of good game. They even canceled a legal goal another one. But against what they can not is with Cristiano. Portuguese Poker . Another huge game of Ronaldo, a player who has humiliated all those critics who came to compare with Paulinho. Poor them.

Cristiano scored four goals for Girona.


Christian is insatiable, he is enormous and he is a savior . Another day in the Portuguese office. It is no longer that Ronaldo scored goals, it is that he does it at least twice. He has played eight matches in a row scoring (17 in that period, more than two per game) and only doubles in two duels. It is a machine perfectly prepared for great battles. Four goals in a spectacular night.

Ronaldo scored 1-0, 2-1, 4-1 and 6-3. In all ways and at all times. The other targets were Lucas Vázquez and Bale who came out in the second half. He came to tie the match in the first half Stuani which also marked the second of his team when he was already thrashed (the other was Juanpe ). The Uruguayan already has 17 goals in the league and perfectly represents the good year of this Girona. Having a '9' so effective, that sends to the goal every auction, gives life to a team of this type. A header in the first suit after a great center of capital Granell made the Bernabéu tremble, but it was a mirage .

Real Madrid fulfilled the logic and was very superior ] Before the Catalan goal had already tested Bono the Moroccan goalkeeper of Girona, but after the draw was even more. He took two good hands to Cristiano and another to Asensio in a foul. In between, a goal annulled Lucas Vázquez who was in legal position. There was no offside.

 Cristiano, with Lucas Vázquez.

Cristiano, with Lucas Vázquez.


Maybe, and it's better to say it on the day that Madrid won with a landslide, it's time to put an end to that legend that has been created. Why can not a large team complain about arbitration? Why did it benefit you in 1978 or 2005? This is the present and in the 2017/18 League, the current one, in the two Girona – Real Madrid the arbitrarily benefited has been … the Girona, that is, the small one.

Madrid is going to the break by selections with many goals in favor (also more than those due against) and with another spectacular performance by Cristiano Ronaldo . Four goals in a match, the first time this season. The Girona fell on its feet despite the fact that Madrid overwhelmed him. The Whites approach Atlético in the table


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