The image was good and the result too. Real Madrid can be happy with Eibar because won overcoming several adversities which makes a team mature. And that suffered, something usual in the league, but reacted well local and deserved the victory. Barring several imbalances in defense, he played well in Ipurua. [Narración y estadísticas: Eibar 1-2 Real Madrid]

Christian of '9' is synonymous with goal and success. With an excellent Modric having the Portuguese on a roll is a gift. The brand in all ways. In Eibar, another doublet. The first, in a face to face with the goalkeeper who defined perfectly. The second, with a portentous header, entering with everything in the small area. Cristiano Ronaldo is in a sweet moment. And he scores and scores and scores …

He suffered Madrid, because was allowed to tie (he put his rival back in the game), but unlike other dates, he reacted well . He started the party asleep, overwhelmed by the desire of Eibar, but ended up maturing the match to win in the final stretch.

Cristiano celebrates one of his goals against Eibar.


The 0-1 came from the boots of Cristiano with perfect definition, after a exquisite pass by Modric . It was the punishment to a fault when playing the ball of Eibar in the center of the field, where the game was really played. It was a game of swings in that line of play. It happened of dominating the Eibar to do it the Madrid to finish again sending the Basque team.

After the rest, Iván Ramis finished alone, free of mark, and of head put the tie to the exit of a corner . It was very easy for Madrid. He gave him the goal. Maybe that could demonstrate the pasotism of Zidane's team, but this time it was not like that. Madrid was always standing, mainly ordered by a superb Modric spectacular. He had minutes of 'caraja' the white set, but they were few.

Dimitrovic took two spectacular hands to Cristiano who was especially active. The first, with 0-1, still in the first part. The second, already in the reaction of the targets to the goal of Ramis, in a crossed shot. The reality is that Real Madrid was better and that he did not hesitate to go for the victory . He suffered some 'fading', but did not lose, in general, the ambition to go to win.

 Excellent match of Modric in Eibar.

Excellent match of Modric in Eibar.


Real Madrid's problem settled another week in his defense. If the Basque goal was a failure back, every time he attacked Eibar there were some imbalances that created chances for the rival. The Zidane team gave a lot to a team that did not need to leave with everything to create danger . Kike García and Inui had shots to put the 2-1. Both occasions were very clear.

But when the party fell asleep appeared Cristiano and with justice gave the victory to Real Madrid. It was a perfect center of Carvajal in a play that he started. He had still time Eibar to create some scare, but with the image of Cristiano, again, savior, this bland match of League is over, in which both played without pressure.

Madrid was fine. With the European hangover, he played intelligently in Eibar. With a Christian in extraterrestrial mode he sits in third place and gives himself a quiet week. Take the current League champion. He follows his way.



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