Cristiano celebrates one of his goals against Eibar.

Arrived at the month of March, that is to say, entering already in the important section of the season, Real Madrid has improved . This is indicated by his great elimination in Champions, the only competition where he can really be judged, but also in the league, with eight victories in the last 10 days.

Coincide this advance of image, football and goals with the umpteenth irruption of Cristiano Ronaldo a key figure in the Zidane team. The Portuguese have changed to Madrid with 13 goals in the last seven games . He has scored at least one goal in nine of the last ten games . In Eibar he gave another example of what he is, a reliable, dangerous player and goal scorer. He scored two goals, all of Madrid's in Ipurua, the last in the final stretch.

There is no doubt about the relationship that exists between the improvement of Cristiano and Madrid. They go hand in hand. The Whites have reacted when Ronaldo did too. Three goals in the tie against PSG is the best example, but it is not only the goals, but the importance they have as well as the relevance of the Portuguese in the Real Madrid game.

The match in Ipurua, example, it was a perfect example of what modern Madrid is. Modric who returned from injury, shone in Eibar with a huge match. He created the first goal with a pass exquistio to Cristiano and there was the great difference and the demonstration of dependence on Cristiano Madrid. If that Modric pass ends up on other feet, it was not a safe goal. With Cristiano, yes.

Cristiano celebrates one of his goals against Eibar.


Gone are the parties in which Cristiano, once again was never left without waiting for time the Portuguese's great ally. quellas ridiculous goal-scoring comparisons with, for example, Paulinho who said he was better than Cristiano for scoring more goals in that initial stretch. Those who criticize him the most were eager to see the end of Ronaldo, which sooner or later will arrive, but they will have to wait one more season.

Christian, like last year, arrives at the final stretch of the season like a rocket . He returns to be reliable in the scoring aspect, which is what saved him last year and, because that's football, the most important data of all that exist. In his 'worst' year goalscorer, that in which he was told he was also finished, Ronaldo has already scored 33 goals (18 in the League, 12 in the Champions, 2 in the Club World Cup and 1 in the Supercopa) . It is one goal per game since Cristiano has played 33 games this season. And are more than Messi (32) and with the important one that the Portuguese has played eight games less than the Argentine.

Of the last ten matches he has played, Ronaldo has scored goals in nine of them . Only remained without scoring in the Ciutat de Valencia. And it's not just that you dial, but it's double or triple. Of those nine matches with a goal, only two (against Betis at Villamarín and against PSG in Paris) ended the duel with a goal. In all the others, or doublet (vs Deportivo, Valencia, PSG, Deportivo Alavés, Getafe and Eibar) or hat-trick (Real Sociedad)

 Cristiano Ronaldo, accompanied by Carvajal and Lucas, in Ipurua.

Cristiano Ronaldo, accompanied by Carvajal and Lucas, in Ipurua.


And not only the statistics, but the context in which they are produced. Cristiano does not score waiting for the ball on the goal line and pushing the ball. Ronaldo scores in all forms, in all situations and with any result. In Paris scored in one of those impressive jumps in which he remains 'stopped' in the area. In Eibar, in a face to face with the goalkeeper (with perfect definition) and in another portentous header with a pure '9'.

In Ipurua he was especially active. He ran, fought, hit right in front of the goal and could even go with one more, because Dimitrovic, goalkeeper of Eibar, took two hands that before another goalkeeper something more loose would surely have entered. A more animated Christian is seen, with more strength and also in a great physical state.

In the last weeks, Ronaldo rested in the games against Espanyol (day in which without him lost Madrid) and Leganés, both of Liga, in another example of which Cristiano has already changed the chip and no longer plays just to win the Pichichi and the Golden Boot . Last year he already rotated in several league games to be ready for the Champions League. This year could not play also in the duels of the domestic tournament that coincide with the quarterfinals of Champions (Las Palmas, Atlético de Madrid and Málaga) or the semifinals in case Madrid reaches that round (Leganés).

Zidane: “Christian is from another galaxy”

Undoubtedly, Real Madrid has changed its face and that new image has arrived when Cristiano has become decisive again. It is the demonstration of the dependence between the club and its best player. Of the last 11 games, the Zidane team has only had two punctures: the draw against Levante and the defeat against Espanyol. In the latter, the worst of all (in the Ciutat deserved to win), was not Christian. It's no accident.


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