The Luso striker is already three goals from Pulga Messi as a scorer in the Spanish League.

Cristiano is once again an army corps. Look around and you will find out why Madrid has been extraordinarily reformed in 2018. Poker, attendance, twenty-two goals in the League and Portuguese (18 in the second round), one more than Suarez and only three from Messi. You already see his saddle on the ascent.

Cristiano Ronaldo played poker with Girona

The Portuguese found his League and Madrid ride on his ambition to pass over Girona, which is not a stroke of luck but an exemplary project. The minutes of Benzema, this time dressed in lights, and of Asensio, player that will condition the future of the club were also recorded.

The Madrid, propelled by the Champions, has entered combustion and the Girona has not stopped being. So from his second crossing in this League came a great lyric composition, a game of action and reaction, a very exportable sample of the Spanish League.

Real Madrid vs Gerona
Real Madrid vs Gerona

Cristiano’s goal was given a touch, an indication of what takes time: a cut in the repertoire and the same firepower. He also annulled Gil Manzano a legal goal to Lucas Vázquez.

But the Girona, with eight players who were promoted to First, is a team of very careful preparation, with players who are not scared at all the First but brings them to the surface. The player Portu is a tamborrada in all the front of attack and Mojica, to which the Rayo did not know to see, still its owner, a side of very long reach.

The effort of Girona ended up balancing the game and also the scoreboard, in an impetuous Stuani header. Madrid was without advantage without doing anything wrong.

Real Madrid vs Gerona
Real Madrid vs Gerona

That speaks of the greatness of Girona, which pulled the burning of the last posts at such a speed that now roams the eurozone.

But in front there was not Montilivi’s Madrid or the Cristiano of the first round nor the Benzema to below zero who from time to time whips the Bernabéu.

From a pass from the French Cristiano took his second goal. Nobody like the Portuguese knows how to value Benzema, so many times in front of the wall.

From a combination between both came the sentence, with final shot of Lucas Vázquez, rebel leader against the rule of the BBC. Benzema failed to package his performance with a goal. He had it in a frank auction, but that labyrinth does not come out.

At least it served Cristiano to make his hat-trick in the rejects. There the Madrid was relieved and opened again the door to Girona. Another Stuani’s headbating stopped the beating.

Still a third of the sky would come. The aerial battle was the only one that lost the Zidane team. Bale and Cristiano placed the last ornaments of a late-unleashed team.

Cristiano Ronaldo played poker with Girona

Statistics Real Madrid vs Girona

Real Madrid vs Gerona
Real Madrid vs Gerona

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