The storms that the Iberian Peninsula is suffering since the beginning of the year have a name, but none has ever been similar to that of Cristiano Ronaldo . A gale of goals and results that has left touched to several provinces of Spain and that has arrived in Europe, its last victim was Girona.

When many thought that due to climate change the storms of this ‘bug’ were not going to affect , he resurfaced and threw all those who doubted him into the air. Icardi or Lewandoski can wait, in Real Madrid there is a squall of goals that has thought to stay a long time for the capital of Spain.

In the last months, Cristiano Ronaldo has left behind the comparisons useless with Paulinho or with Messi. Cristiano is the best ‘nine’ in the world and is showing it, as never, as always. Appearing when least expected. Cristiano wants the top scorer, he wants the Champions and he’s insatiable. A storm is coming, in Turin, in Madrid and especially in Barcelona. Cristiano, without a doubt, is the nine that Real Madrid needs.

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