<pre>Hot blanks balls: the truth about Florentino and Bartoméu

Florentino, at this point, does not deceive anyone. That you touch in Octavos the PSG and Cuartos la Juventus are discordant notes only in appearance, because there is no other way to camouflage the systematic heating of balls, the fraudulent manipulation, that introduce into the equation fireworks designed to mislead. The balls of PSG and Juve were as incandescent as many other times, although now they had to go through the microwave of the false track. Florentino has wanted Madrid and PSV to touch on Madrid so as not to arouse suspicions that had already been unsustainable. He has manipulated to the detriment of Madrid to continue manipulating for his benefit without anyone calling the police, which is what would have happened if they had touched him (say) the depauperate Chelsea in the previous round and the meritorious but innocuous Rome in the crossing that was marked on Friday in Nyon.

Chelsea and Rome. Who does that remind me of? Oh yeah. Bartoméu has followed a pattern identical to Florentino's, but the other way around. In order to be able to continue crying without his bullies being discredited, he has allowed that in two consecutive rounds the rivals of the Barça are substantially looser than those of Madrid and almost that of anyone: only pretending to win from time to time can continue in the denunciation of the grievances that constantly inflict fate, the powers that be, Guruceta. Be aware already, in case you did not know, that Bartomeu manipulates the raffles but not for his benefit but to his detriment, because in the Barça philosophy it is always preferable to cry for not winning than winning in itself. It harmonizes better with the moral procedure of the procés, who fears in silence the independence and prefers the stand-by of the eight hundred wounded chimerical.

Bartomeu orchestra scams in the draws so that the luck is elusive to him and thus to be able to whine to way. The Chelsea and Roma have been exceptions to the rule but exceptions designed for the same abundance: now makes it go well because who would believe a guy to whom everything always goes wrong. It is the curtain of a smoke contrary to the Madrid, but curtain too, smoke at last.

So, Florentino has allowed himself to win in the hype to continue winning, while his culé counterpart has put on an occasional winner suit to be able to accuse Florentino of winning with a trap, to be able to do it in a sustained manner (he accuses him or accuses him of his environment, it does not matter). Florentino and Bartoméu are like Matt Damon and Leonardo Di Caprio in Infiltrados. Bartomeu is good but you have to work on the suspension of disbelief, so that he has made everything seem as if he were a criminal, with enormous doses of realism. He has swallowed his scruples and has managed a Chelsea and a Rome. Florentino is of course very bad bad but he has prepared himself conscientiously to pass for good, being the last trick of the process to have managed a PSG and a Juve. It's the endless game of double and triple agents, with Eva Marie Saint firing blanks for James Mason to swallow the death of Kaplan, which is actually Thornhill.

The risk is there, but who said it would be easy? to be an infiltrator? You prepare a PSG and a Juve so that the abolition of suspicion allows you to continue billing balls of wolfsburg bajini, but of course, is that in the process the PSG or Juve can eliminate you, so there will be no option to heat a Wolfsburg in the next round. Likewise: cook a Chelsea and a Rome so that nobody thinks your strategy is losing to win, do it if you want, but do not lose sight of the fact that as a result of this coverage you can end up winning and who wants independence when you can instead to wield ketchup breaches in the international press.

And that is just what is happening to Bartoméu: that he continues to advance in the Champions League very much to his chagrin, with the return that would lead him to a knockout against a powerful rival gestated since the draw. As the shot of this new distraction maneuver continues to come out of the head, do not rule out that Barça will overcome the lately impassable threshold of the Rooms for the parish's concern. Let's see what yellow bow Pep will look like if we have to stop telling that Florentino heats the balls.



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