The situation of Karim Benzema in Real Madrid seems unbearable and most are those who request a departure from the white team at the end of the season, regardless of the results of the team. The director of OKDIARIO, Eduardo Inda, criticized the French attacker and went to the figure Zinedine Zidane, for he had not given several minutes to his 19459004 against Eibar.

Inda showed his more ironic face when it comes to Zidane and Benzema, who came back to go without scoring in a match this season. “If I do not say that, I care. I’m really surprised with Zidane because the second day in Eibar prevented by adjusting him just 19 minutes that Benzema scored his fifth goal in La Liga and we could celebrate it here ”

Opposed to Prosecution of Some As a result of the pursuit of Benzema, the director of OKDIARIO defended himself with the statistics in his hand. “I’m not chasing someone, I’m criticizing.” What’s devastating to Real Madrid is to have an attacker who scores a quarter of Luis Suarez goals. “

” If I am a Real Madrid member, I have the right to claim that I pay the seasonal ticket each year and do not want a player who scores 0 goals per game “[ decided.


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