<pre>Jesé, that damn injury, the CR7 that never went and the trouble with his ex-girlfriend

Jesé the best academy player who has produced the academy in the last decade”, “the future Cristiano Ronaldo “, “the most promising player in years” … There was a time that did not stop receiving praise. Before breaking the cruciate ligament of his right knee in 2014, against Schalke, the canary was called to be many things. He was the fashionable footballer, the next star in the sky. Shining, dazzling and letting the applause ride him up the band of the Santiago Bernabéu. The anthem of the Champions caressed him and he went to meet him on that damn night. A crunch, a stretcher and the hospital. Between six and seven months of loss. An ordeal that began that day and does not seem to end.

The injuries left him alone, but life and trouble with his ex-girlfriend, Aurah Ruiz, have not treated him well. Alien or own motives? Maybe a little of both. Jesé, after that injury, was not the same in Madrid . His strides were extinguished between the brightness of the BBC and his protagonism dwindled until it was reduced to a minimum. The Canary, then, considered leaving the club. He sat down, reflected and decided to go to PSG . It was, then, the perfect team; It seemed like a good idea. Unai Emery, after disbursing 25 million, promised her minutes. In France, I had the opportunity to feel like a new footballer, to be important. His ambition, to win the Golden Ball, did not lose it. He was convinced that he would do well. However …

Jesé did not finish taking off. He played less than expected and was ostracized. Definitely, neither in football nor personally did well. Or, at least, as expected. He did not want to rent (or buy) a flat. He settled in the hotel and did not leave there. Nor did he want to use the language. He did not take advantage of the French classes and, from one day to the next, he found himself out of the team in every way. Neither integrated nor played nor was happy. And looked for an exit. Where? A Las Palmas. What better place to be reunited than your beloved island.

But, again, it did not respond to expectations. The reason? It came at a bad time and did not put, surely, on your part. Quique Setién, who had made a good first round with Las Palmas, had already decided to leave. And his team, which was already venturing into a future without him, dropped progressively during the second stage of the season. That's how he left Jesé the club: without pain or glory. The star was still extinguished irremediably despite the widespread misunderstanding of the whole world.

Until this season. At the moment, it seemed that in the Stoke City -equipment where it is assigned by the PSG – could recover its best version. But he has not. The problems with his ex-girlfriend, Aurah Ruiz, who accused him last week of not taking care of his son, sick and in the hospital, have kept him on the sidelines in football. “I have been out of the grounds for a long time on this issue, but the child is now evolving and we must take advantage of these last games,” he acknowledged in statements to El Larguero.

Aurah Ruiz charges Jesse for disregarding your son

At 25, he has a chance to recover. That nobody doubts. It has quality and soccer to spare. “I'm sure they'll see me again in the best conditions,” he acknowledged in recent days. And, in passing, sent a 'message' to all those who criticize. “They talk about friendship and they're hypocrites … they talk about love and they're unfaithful … they talk about God and they do not carry it in their hearts … they talk about me and they do not know me,” he said in his account of Instagram . The solution, however, he has. Or, better said, his football. If he recovers it, little else will matter.



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