The Argentinean star sinceró in the Latin American television: “What I imagined always, being able to be in that end, to be able to win it, to be able to raise the glass, it is a dream of always and whenever a World-wide one becomes stronger Still, that's why the crying of 2014. We know how difficult it is to win a World Cup and to stay so close was painful.A World Cup is very difficult and we were so little satisfied with that dream that it was hard. “

Leo Messi also wanted to talk about the problems he had during his childhood: “I did not get impressed, the truth is that at the beginning my mom used to put it on, my dad would put it on me at night. I learned and I was only doing it, the truth is that it is a very small needle, it was kind of a pencil where you have a small needle, you got it and you charged the amount that had to puncture me and no, it did not hurt and it was something routine that I had to do and did it with normal idad “.


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