Jesús Sánchez in a column in the Diario Marca analyzes the great improvement of Cristiano Ronaldo in the second round and points out several reasons that have contributed to recover the best version of the Portuguese.

Well escorted “Zidane has also helped him by betting on players that create the conditions for Cristiano to regain his Martian status. Lucas Vázquez and Asensio have returned Cristiano to the area ]where it is best handled, have given depth to Madrid, who always got stuck more in the static game, and have managed to change the dynamics of football and results of the white team, whose management has nothing to do with the early season Benzema still does not score goals, but it can not be said that he is bothering In fact, he is accumulating good performances, his improvement is also that of Cristiano, with whom he has a special relationship “.

I Sco and Bale, principally injured: “The results and the improvement of the team have buried any debate about the ownership of the international midfielder. Simply, Madrid is more effective without Isco, who returns to team B . The disconnection of Welsh is obvious, although in the concept that Zidane has now can fit better than Isco. Gareth, however, seems to have reached a point of no return. Asensio overtook him and he does not finish recovering neither in the sports nor the psychic. If it does, it will be to enter the take-off runway towards a possible traspas. “


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