One of the captains of Real Madrid Marcelo assured himself of winning in Eibar that the criticism “did not affect” inside the white dressing room. In addition, he noted that it is possible that the price as Neymar is estimated at (400 million) is “normal”.

Always Winning

“You must win all matches, play well especially, it is clear that sometimes it was better, but we had some of the ball in a difficult field, we knew how to play their game” 19659005] Madrid plays not only for bands

“Madrid attacks a lot, and if the wings are good and they make centers they help a lot but do not play well when the wings are good.” 19659006] Earn points when you do not deserve or lose them When it’s unfair

“We’ve always talked about this, it’s game we do not play so well and we win, and others who play better than the opponent and we do not win. Today it was very difficult, they pushed a lot and we got the three points in the end we must win and try to make good matches. ”

Criticism of the team

” The criticism does not affect us at all, like when we do things New people praise us, we do not have to look at it. We do what we need to do and we are focused on what the coach asks us to do. ”


” It’s a very hard harm, it was hard for me to come back when I had the same. He will be annoyed because he is very difficult, but he will come back stronger than ever. From what Zidane said, maybe ten years from now, it will be normal, I’ve cost six million or something I do not know. At the moment, I do not know how much it would cost. ”


” I do not want to be repetitive, as it has to be, it helps the team a lot. That’s what it is when we need it. ”


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