#RealMadridSport – Floyd Mayweather has surprised to postulate as a possible buyer of Newcastle and when talking about the possibility of taking the English club to Cristiano Ronaldo. The American boxer has affirmed that he is evaluating making an investment in soccer, and the team trained today by Rafa Benítez is for sale. Mike Ashley and Amanda Staveley, current owners, have long been looking for candidates to transfer to the club.

Mayweather: «I could get Cristiano to finish at Newcastle»

In a statement collected by the media ‘Star’, through ‘101greatgoals’, Mayweather has indicated his predilection for Newcastle: “I love Newcastle, these guys like to celebrate as hard as in any city in the world where I have state. I met some of your players last year and they are good guys. I am always open to new business opportunities and I love all sports, but I invest with my head and not with my heart ».

“Investing with the heart is the fastest way to lose money. But if someone prepared a business plan and my people review it and tell me that I can make money, then I would invest. Football may not be my game, but I have connections everywhere, “he added. In addition, the boxer talked about the possibility of taking Cristiano Ronaldo to the club of “the magpies”: “Cristiano is a friend of mine for a long time, so he could even get him to finish his career at Newcastle”, said the boxer.


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