José Luis Mendilibar appeared at the press conference after falling (1-2) against Real Madrid in the league match played in the Municipal Stadium in Ipurua. The Eibar team technician revealed the big keys that gave the Madridistas victory.


"It's hard to score, but we could draw and we were closer than they were to the other. The chances of Kike and Taka (Inui), but in another loss eventually it cost us a goals. "

The losses

" We always say the same thing, you can not lose in your own field, but they let you play, there are moments that squeeze and steal the ball and the definition of a goal they have, we have You do not have time to balance or defend when they steal Arbilla and Pedro León. "

Start of Eibar

" In the beginning we played in the opposite field, with centers but without chances. Then they have grown and played more comfortable to get the goal. In the second half we started attacking and playing in the opposite field, but those on top of them are usually fresh and they define perfectly. "

Weight of fatigue

" At the intensity you drive, you can not be the same 45 minutes either you get behind and you lock or you drive a lot. "

Renew see

"Now, we must talk, I think we have achieved the salvation that was the great goal and let's see. "


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