<pre><pre> Morata brings the light to the press ... The hypocrites!

Again, the antimadridist press has shown its double standard and hypocrisy after the movement Álvaro Morata in Camp Nou on Wednesday. The assailant, ex Real Madrid and formed in Merengue quarry, responded to the insults of Barça fans by lending a hand to his parties in a foul act that from certain media has criticized and why they themselves require some kind of punishment for the player now at Chelsea .

We will not investigate whether there should be a penalty or not for the Spanish international attacker part of UEFA who must assess the relevant committees, but what cries to heaven is the disgusting treatment that I some media have this movement with regard to other actions lately with footballers Barcelona involved …

One of the most flagrant examples is just in a semifinal of the Champions League which in 2011 met Real [19659002] Madrid and FC Barcelona . The cameras caught Sergio Busquets calls "mono" up to two times Marcelo a racist insult that went unpunished after both the midfielder and his team assured he had said "much".

Only a few days before, in the Classic league in the same season, Leo Messi probably had the most unsportsmanlike of his career. Without the opportunity to play the ball, he hit a ball in the direction of Santiago Bernabéu at a very short distance and with a view to hurting. Did he ask forgiveness? Ever. Was it sanctioned? Not much less. In fact, nothing or anything was said in the same disinformation medium that is currently asking for a sanction for Morata for its disgusting gesture.

Sergio Busquets For his part, for a few seasons he acted a new regrettable act when he drew on Pepe ] and some media, instead of claiming sanctions for him justified that it had been unintentional that he did not see him and they even joked that I had "combed" him. We all know what we refer to, there is no need to mention them. And so dozens of things, especially since Luis Suárez dresses like a Barça player (he comes out with two or three unsportsmanlike movements per game), reflecting the shamelessness of the sports press to protect FC Barcelona .



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