Gerard Piqué has WhatsApp groups just like anyone on foot. However, it is a member of one that is, at least, curious. More than anything, because brings together players from FC Barcelona and Real Madrid . Hence, the conversations that are generated between players of the two eternal rivals are the favorites of the Barca defense.

“If you only read what the media say, we seem to hate each other . actually we get along really well “Pique tells in a first-person article published in The Players Tribune . In it, even the license to joke about the content of talks held by Real Madrid and Barça is allowed. No, the soccer tactic or the books that each one is reading does not prevail: the jokes do.

“At the beginning of this season, when we had eight or nine points ahead of Madrid in the League , I created a group in which there are several members of the Spanish team that play in Madrid or in Barça “, reveals Piqué. “Everything we do in it is to let go of each other about how our teams are doing” he clarifies later.

There is no doubt that Piqué enjoys the vacillation that, What counts, are given in the chat: “It's the best, we're like little children, it's pretty funny for me, because right now we got 15 points from Madrid, so I'm pretty creative with my answers ” . Maybe it is a reprisal for the attitude of Madrid players last season?

“When they won everything then, things went well, and did not stop hesitating when we met in the national team Every time they won a game they hung pictures in the locker room and without a shirt on Instagram . They smiled and flexed their muscles as if they were The Rock saying #HalaMadrid and accompanying the emoji text of trophies, “recalls Piqué.

However, the attitude of whites in social networks has changed. Or, at least, Piqué sees it: “ This season is different . All his Instagram photos are pretty sad . '3 points today, we have to keep working hard.'” How does the Barça player play his top rivals? Telling them “Come on, guys, why are you so serious?” . A text to which they accompany how not a smiley and a laughing emoticon .

Piqué is proud to play and win against Spain, contrary to what it may seem.



The name of the chat that joins the Madrid and Barça players could only carry Piqué's stamp: “ENHORABUENA” . So, in capital letters. This anecdote is the perfect excuse for the creator of the group to make it clear how comfortable and “proud” he is playing with Spain. He refers to his teammates as “brothers”, with whom he plays “for the same country, with the same dream”. A desire that he wanted to fulfill from the famous elbow match to Luis Enrique in the 1994 World Cup.

And what about Catalonia? According to Piqué, in Madrid they accuse him of “traitor” and of wanting to “break the country” for his “public support for the right of the Catalan people to vote in a referendum of independence” . However, the Barça player believes that he does not intend to “be a politician and influence people” . As much as it considers that there is “right to vote peacefully” on the issue of independence.

In fact, Piqué calls the “happiest moment” of his life the conquest of the 2010 World Cup with Spain . What does not stop it from feeling Catalan and that believes that Catalans “should be heard.” “If my opinion makes my countrymen hate me … Well, I'm calm […] There's a lot more depth in a footballer than people think. I think it's important that we express ourselves . human beings, and that is something that is lost in the media in the world in which we live “, ditch about it.


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