<pre><pre> Real Madrid - Girona: Cristiano Ronaldo starts Operation Pichichi & # 39;


There is a season atypical for Real Madrid in what refers to the league and also to Cristiano Ronaldo . The white team lost its face to the championship very soon and one of the reasons may be that the Luso crack had wet wet early in the year (he missed the first four games with penalty). Real Madrid has failed to disturb the situation and fight for the title to be impossible, but the CR7 has risen in time and has between the eyeballs to be top scorer in the tournament.

Somewhat seemed a few weeks ago. In fact, e on the 19th day Messi was Pichichi with 17 goals and Cristiano Ronaldo had only four goals in his league. But Luso is in a state of immense form, and lately has trimmed and in what way … Portuguese already accumulates 18 goals in in League – 14 of them marked continuously – and that’s just six points from Argentine, who has 24 goals for his credit.

Fantastic second round

Cristiano scored twice as many as Messi in second round and already has three goals against Uruguay Luis Suárez, the other in scoring charts at this stage of the season. The year-end seems to have put the Real Madrid crack, which left the first round’s drought. If that happens to Cristiano, it would not be surprising if he continued climbing in matches for Pichichi and finishing as top scorer of the league, something that is between his eyes

he coughs to luso’s in Champions League. Cristiano Ronaldo is the top scorer with a difference in the 12-goal maximum continental competition, which beat Ben Yedder (8 goals), Kane (7), Firmino (7), Cavani (7). Behind all these appear Leo Messi, who has half of the goals for the CR7 in today’s edition of the Champions League (six goals).


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