Let's go back very little in time. Two weeks ago, before the break by selections, Real Madrid had reached the perfect point of the season . A great soccer level, added to the recovery of their key players a bulging number of goals (33 goals in the last 10 matches) and a positive results (nine victories in those 10 duels) took the white club to the Champions quarters with ease and to recover the positive image in the league.

Now, after this court so that the players played two inconsequential matches with their countries, reality returns , which is none other than facing the decisive stretch of the season . The last two months of the course, the most important ones, start with the wish that the FIFA virus does not do much damage .

And Real Madrid does it in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (6:30 p.m.), a traditionally very difficult place for whites. There they won by the minimum two years ago and tied last season. On the island, Zidane's team starts the countdown to Kiev, without the match against Paco Jémez as a whole.

Zidane, on Isco: “I'm happy with him”

And since it is not European, this Saturday's match will be light for the current League champion the opposite of his riva l, that life is played in the search for a salvation that now has six points. The situation of Real Madrid 'encourages' the Canaries, because they do not travel to Las Palmas Sergio Ramos Marcelo Kroos Isco and Cristiano Ronaldo .

The message from Zidane, who is reunited with Paco Jémez, the technician who a few years ago “prohibited” him from training, is not to neglect the League in favor of the Champions (” to prepare for the Champions League match it is necessary to do well on Saturday “), but the reality is that e n his eleven (and his call) in Las Palmas will be thinking about Tuesday's match against Juventus .

Sergio Ramos and Isco do not get on the plane, although it is true that suffer discomfort they would not prevent them from playing if the match was decisive, but neither would Cristiano, to whom Zidane convinces, as well that last year, so that could rest thinking about the Champions League and renouncing the Pichichi prize Carvajal, sanctioned, and Marcelo and Kroos also for rest.

<img id="img_ID295981716C71889904I1037353074" src="https://realmadridsport.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/real-madrid-takes-the-white-flag-in-the-league-and-now-only-looks-at-the-champions.jpg" alt=" Rondo in the last Real Madrid training. [19659009] Rondo in the last Real Madrid training.

Chema Moya

Agencia EFE

Zidane, then, will draw a team of less usual players, those who hardly play at home in Turin. It will be the turn, possibly, of Casilla Achraf Nacho (titular on numerous occasions, but behind the Varane-Ramos couple), Theo Hernández Marcos Llorente … The Madrid 'B' that this year did not fit in the Copa del Rey or in the few minutes that came out in La Liga.

The 'surrender' in League is not such if the current situation is understood. Madrid needs an intelligent distribution of minutes taking into account that the quarterfinals of the Champions are disputed in two weeks in a row (and in between there is the derby against Atlético) and that Most starters come to play with their selections. Taking out key pieces in Las Palmas, where a victory will not change anything in the league, seems like an unnecessary risk .

And it's logical. The League is already lost and so it must be assumed, something that does not mean that the tournament should be thrown (you always have to win) or that Real Madrid will lose this Saturday in Las Palmas, since his 'B' team must be enough to win the third-to-last of the League . However, we must not forget that what Zidane does now is similar to what he did last year, when he split his squad in two teams when the Champions quarters and semifinals arrived.

Bale, in the match Las Palmas – Real Madrid last season. A lot has changed things.


Reading these changes, yes, this year is different and it is as simple and logical as that of to prioritize the Champions the competition in which they depend on themselves, knowing that the League is impossible: they need five Barcelona defeats in nine games (and they have not yet lost any in 29) if they win everything.

In the longest trip of the entire league, Madrid challenges the FIFA virus and hopes that this break by national teams has not taken away the good moment from its players who two weeks ago had recovered their level just when the team needs it most, in full fight for the third consecutive Champions.



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