<pre><pre> Shame! Deschamps laughs in Benzema's face

Didier Deschamps has disrespected Karim Benzema when asked if the French attacker will be on the list of 23 players who will be in the World Cup in Russia. With sarcasm and with very little grace, the French coach has assured that "there will be many players who want to watch the World Cup on TV," which starts next June 14th.

Will Benzema be on the World Cup list with France?

] "If Benzema wants to be in Russia, I do not know I have not chosen yet, I will choose, there will be many who will be on television, there will be even more who will be in front of their TV in instead of with me in Russia, that's clear. " [19659004] Deschamps does not call Karim Benzema with French national team since October 2015. Not pleased with it, now he lets himself smile in the face of the Real Madrid attacker when he says he does not know about it will take him and there will be "many strikers who want to see the World Cup from the couch in their house". Worse to you Didier, you will regret not taking one of the best strikes in the world.



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