Marco Asensio has returned to pleasure with his football, and if there is any one who has a good mistake on what is Zinedine Zidane . When the player was at its worst, the French coach spoiled and motivated the young star who has come to the decisive stage of the season as his best. In addition, it has even been instead of a Gareth Bale which was considered undeniable a few days ago.

"Marco, you must be important here" . These were the words that the French coach used to motivate the football player after a few months where he thought a little "lost" . This talk happened just after Christmas Day where Zidane came to Valdebebas with the current account recovering a football player who had grazed standout both at the end of last season and at the beginning of it. [19659003] Perhaps that was the reason for its hole between the months of October and December. Zidane always thought that compliments received between August and September could confuse him and misunderstood his way. Due to the great quality he treats in his legs and has a well-furnished head, Marco Asensio is still a "child" of 22 years, and from experience, Zidane was aware that all his attention and attention to his young star are few.

And it is decided that therapy by Zidane with Asensio has paid . Now the Balearic Islands are at its best and in tie against PSG it was proved that it is important for the team. The French coach relied on him in both matches (in the first he jumped to the field in the absence of 11 minutes) and the attacker responded to the coach's participation in three of the five goals that Real Madrid scored in both games. Furthermore, in the Parc des Princes, it was clear that Marco now owns in front of Gareth Bale which seemed a utopia a few months ago.

The figures show his progress

The border Marco Asensio is heaven and he continues to prove that he is a permanent candidate to win the Golden Ball in the not too distant future. And the figures clarify their progress with regard to the last season. In 2016/2017 he added some glorious figures of 10 goals and four assists in 1,918 minutes he played in 38 games .

Marco Asensio in a match with Real Madrid.

But in 2017/2018 he gets better. In the absence of two and a half months before the end of the competition, and with the most important games to be played, the Spaniard has scored ten goals and has given more help than before. In addition, it also shows that it becomes more important for the coach after playing 2,116 minutes divided into 39 games . And everyone with the feeling that for Marco Asensio is best to come.


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