Aurah Ruiz, ex-partner of Jesé and father of his son Nyan has again attacked the footballer of Stoke City through Instagram . In 15 stories, he gives a 'review' to the ex of Real Madrid : “Yes, ladies and gentlemen, while I spend day and night taking care of my baby in a busted hospital, I can no longer , my son's father is on free days. Applause, dog without a heart. “

Jesse's ex-girlfriend explodes

And it continues: “You do not deserve anything in this life, nothing.” “Do you talk about not being with Nyan for work and on your days off you go to the Canary Islands? Liar”. Thus, the extronista, who has announced that Nyan has worsened, showed her impotence in the social networks before the state of health of the son she had with Jesé.

However, it is not the first time that the extronista mess with the player of Stoke City. “Take a private plane, upload a photo with a diamond cord of thousands of euros while your son's clothes are washed in a sink by hand and laid on chairs in a hospital room. Keep spending money on your friends, travel, buying cars and brand clothes while your child is going through needs, “ acknowledged.

Jesé has responded with another message from him at Instagram : “Oliéndote, thinking and waiting for you in one of the operations that you have had to submit, my baby Nyan, I did not release that blanket (…) Everything will be fine and when this is over and you grow up you will understand many things that you do not understand now and you will know Little by little, who are your parents when you have the use of reason? The connection that you and I have will never be broken by anyone. I love you so much baby Nyan my warrior. “



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