Lewandowski celebrates a goal with Bayern Munich

Lewandowski has it decided: he wants to sign for the Real Madrid. That was the reason why he changed the representative (from Cesary Kucharski to Pini Zahavi ) and for which this season, on different occasions, he has come to the office of Uli Hoeness, president of Bayern, to talk about its possible output. The Polish striker knows he is facing his last chance. Either he leaves this summer or, probably, he is condemned to finish his career at Munich . And he does not want His idea is to sign a last big contract and do it with the team of his dreams. But he does not have the last word. The clubs have to agree, Zidane (or the technician who is next season) must want it and the pieces need to fit. Easy? Not at all. Although there is no doubt about its quality, there are certain obstacles that hinder its arrival.


The Bavarian group is not willing to negotiate. He wants Lewandowski to stay. He is your franchise player and he wants to keep it. He knows that he will not find any player with the same benefits in the market and for an affordable amount. That is, it will not negotiate, according to the German magazine Kicker and confirmed the Merkur of Munich . The entity has told its player and its agent: the Polish will play next season there. He has a contract until 2021 and they do not intend to let him go. Of course, the negative can also respond to a strategy to increase its price. It will be seen.


The magazine Kicker also pointed to a possibility of agreement: “We will have to see if the decision is maintained if a club puts on the table a mega-offer of 100 million euros “, he clarified, not necessarily speaking of Madrid. Lewandowski, who is clear that he wants to leave Munich for many reasons (the low competitiveness of the Bundesliga live other experiences, finished cycle …), has more offers. For example, from Manchester United, who is also willing to bid on the player. Therefore, its price has increased. Madrid would have to spend at least 100 million euros. A lot? So it seems. At least, at the moment.

Lewandowski celebrates a goal with Bayern Munich



Age and price go hand in hand. Madrid has money to spend, but disbursing 100 million euros in a player of 29 years seems excessive. Lewandowski would arrive in the capital of Spain with 30 springs, the same as Benzema . And, in the white set they would be interested in a younger player, someone who could replace the French striker – one of the favorite players of Zidane – and who would take his place soon. The Pole would sign for the whites after much walking and at the doors of a possible downturn. Risky? Maybe.


Benzema, in these last matches, seems to have recovered the favor of the fans. Against the Girona for example, giving several assists goal. That is, acting as a false tip and letting Ronaldo feel at ease. And, precisely, that is what can move the Polish away (for now) from Real Madrid. CR7 will continue, especially after its season finale. And Cristiano feels comfortable with a battering ram like the Frenchman, with someone who is able to move, see his desmarques and assist him. And Lewandowski is not one of those. Bayern striker is a '9' of the old school, a pure auctioneer.


Real Madrid wants Neymar and, surely, the Brazilian wants to wear white. Easy? Not at all. It does not seem easy for the player of PSG to reach Chamartín . First, for the price (it would cost 300 million euros, possibly); and in second term, by the refusal of the French group. But, if the operation were satisfactory, that would condition the rest of negotiations and arrivals. The Polish, therefore, will be waiting. But it's not easy to get to Real Madrid. At least, at the moment. Then it will be seen.

 Lewandowski celebrates a goal with Bayern Munich

Lewandowski celebrates a goal with Bayern Munich




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