“Sergio Ramos has screwed up a bit, he's gone to the bathroom for a minute and then he's back.” . Zinedine Zidane was clear. The reason why the captain of Real Madrid had left the match a few minutes before Eibar was, as also recognized the Andalusian defender, for a “squeeze.”

It was one of the curiosities of the duel in Ipurua this Saturday. With 1-1 on the scoreboard and about minute 75 of the game, Sergio Ramos felt indisposed and went straight to the dressing room of the Basque stadium . He returned a few minutes later, without his passing being of any significance.

Once the game was over, Zidane confirmed the reason for the absence of his captain in those seconds. “He's screwed up a bit” commented the French coach to the laughter of those present. Later, on Twitter, Sergio Ramos made a play on words and to make an analysis of the meeting on Saturday he wrote “typical squeeze, go out and enter, return to charge, goal of the team and return home.” [19659004] Typical squeeze. / Nature calls.🤭Exit. Get in. / Out & back in. 🏃🏻♂ Return to load. / Reload. 🔋Gol team / Team goal. ⚽️➕3⃣ And back home. / Back home. We're going! / Let's keep it up.💪 #HalaMadrid pic.twitter.com/2r67vxEZlq

– Sergio Ramos (@SergioRamos) March 10, 2018

In addition to this anecdote, ] Zidane praised Cristiano Ronaldo who said that “is from another galaxy” and that what he does “is very positive, he always thinks he's going to score and he's a different player His numbers speak for themselves. “

In addition, the Real Madrid coach stated that his team had been ” clearly superior “although he assured that he was already aware that ” the match was going to be very hard “. Despite this, Zidane explained, “we have known how to suffer together, which is the most important thing.”

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