At the end of Real Madrid's game against Girona, which was more revealing than it seems, I bet with my teammates at La Galerna that I would hit Zidane's eleven in Turin. So sure I am of the players that Marseille will have in the field against Juve that I have promised to change my avatar on Twitter if I miss my forecast. Instead of my photo showing up there, one of Sergio Dalma's will appear.

I have nothing against Sergio Dalma. Musically speaking, yes and to date, Sergio Dalma and I have gone along parallel paths (parallel in the most purely mathematical sense of the term, that is, they will only meet at infinity). Recently, the bard of Sabadell announced, in response to the version of the Spanish anthem devised by Marta Sánchez, which was intended to perpetrate, on the other hand, a rock reinterpretation of Els Segadors. I decided that little could harm their noble prestige.

-You say you will replace your photo with Sergio Dalma's with a certain disdain for that artist- reflected one of my colleagues.- But maybe you do not know that Dalma is the only Catalan singer of declared madridismo, except error or omission.

-I know- I replied.- For that, and despite the clear opinion that I deserve Dancing stuck, I will put it in my avatar if I fail. I'm not so sure of hitting the eleven as to commit myself to do the same with a photo of for example Stoichkov. But come on, that the subject worries me little because in Turin will play Keylor, Carvajal, Marcelo, Varane, Sergio Ramos, Casemiro, Modric, Kroos, Lucas Vázquez, Cristiano and Benzema. I'm not going to make a mistake.

Everybody was on me.

-Zidane is not going to go back to 4-3-3 when the best games of the season have in common a 4-4-2 of manual- objected One

– Did I say that the players I have indicated are going to play according to a 4-3-3?

– What scheme will he play then? – my partner answered, somewhat stunned .- The eleven you have put suggests a crystalline 4-3-3.

– Really? I had no idea. I mean it, without sarcasm. I do not understand much about schemes and I do not think they are the priority of Zidane, who looks at men much more than on the blackboard. Not only do not know what kind of training will go to the field those players. Maybe he does not know it or Zidane, or if he knows, he cares little. What I'm telling you is that the eleven are those.

-I do not see even a 4-4-2 in the list of players you've done- intervened another teammate. Before I insisted that I do not link my list of incumbents to that order on the field, he busied himself: – What would that 4-4-2 look like? Lucas on the right and Modric on the left? In any case, I think I would play Asensio instead of Lucas. -Lucas has become absolutely essential- I said.- Not so much Asensio, despite being the great bet for the future of the club. The match against Girona confirmed this trend. Asensio appears with touches of genius, but the one that lasts the ninety minutes and persists and goals and assists and points at the leader is Lucas.

-I do not rule out that you make mistakes and play the two, Asensio and Lucas- pointed a third.

– And who do you leave out in that case? I see that you are scandalized by the eleven who prophesied but nobody dares to fight it by proposing another.

-They may be the ones you aim for but with Asensio instead of Benzema- the previous one ventured.

-Zidane has not taken away Benzema nor when the Bernabéu gave him whistles that Sergio Dalma does not deserve singing that rock version of Els Segadors with which he threatens us. If he has not turned his back on Karim or when he was wrong, how is he going to leave him on the bench now that he has recovered his tone? Not the scorer's tone, of course, as you do not have to demand from the bass player of Dalma's band that he be a maestro at the piano, but in terms of the game. Did you see his match against Girona? Orchestrated Madrid attacks as he pleased and gave several assists. The one that put Lucas Vázquez, who the Galician failed at the beginning of the game, will repeat it in Turin, and this time with luck.

– La Juve is very strong physically- another colleague reflected.- I would bet on the Bale's speed and air power.

Gareth Bale, during a match with Real Madrid.

Nobody wants Bale more than me. I love him so much that I live in his hometown and I see the Madrid matches in his pub, on Elevens. The Girona, by the way, I witnessed it with the bartender in a Elevens practically empty. When the boss checked, I suggested a free round. I always do it and never sneak. As the bartender and I were virtually alone, I had the feeling that Bale was scoring his goal for both of us.

-Look I would be delighted to see him as a starter against Juve-confessed, – but I can not conceive it. I can contemplate some doubt between Lucas or Asensio, and even contemplate the option of both playing and falling … who falls? Benzema? Kroos, with the understandable devotion that his coach professes? I would be very surprised but it could be. The one that I totally get from the equation of ownership is Bale. I see that it is impossible for him to play at the start, no matter how tightly Zidane is and how his plans are cryptic. It's more. If Bale plays as a starter in Turin it will not be the face of Sergio Dalma what he puts on my Twitter avatar.

-What will it be then?

He said at the beginning that I have nothing against Sergio Dalma. Anyone who puts himself in front of hundreds (thousands?) Of people to shed -with a whispering voice or not- a series of great successes -which may or may not be true, that can stick to Dancing stuck and his multiple remixes or not – I deserve great consideration. That is why only taken of a great personal respect for his figure I commit myself now, as in that moment I did with my colleagues, to take a bizarre determination. If I do not hit the eleven, I'll put on my Twitter avatar a photo of Sergio Dalma instead of my own. If I do not hit and Bale is also the owner, what I will put in my avatar is (the Lord protect us and keep us at all times and in all places) a picture of Dalma's buttocks. The only clause that I establish in the contract -both in the verbal signed on Sunday with my friends and in which I hereby write in writing- is that any unforeseen injuries, which affect any player of my eleven, would result in the immediate resolution of the agreement.

But come on, it's not going to happen. Nothing I fear.

Keylor, Carvajal, Marcelo, Sergio, Varane, Casemiro, Kroos, Modric, Lucas Vázquez, Cristiano and Benzema. And to leave the easy things for the return in the Bernabéu.



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