On November 7, the situation that was Cristiano Ronaldo was very different from the current situation. A single goal in the first 11 days of the League provoked an avalanche of criticism. Some doubted their worth and presaged a decline in their performance. At that moment, the most critical since he wore white, the Portuguese sent a reassuring message to his teammates: “ Finish Pichichi “. The information was unveiled by José Ramón de la Morena in 'El Transistor'. Self-confidence remained intact. It seemed like a utopia, but a few months later it can become reality. The swords are still high in a duel for being the top scorer of the championship.

After the poker of yesterday against Girona, Cristiano Ronaldo and to add 22 goals for 25 of Leo Messi . Real Madrid has improved in recent weeks and the main culprit is the Portuguese. The goalscoring rhythm corresponds to the best version of the white standard: 20 points in just over three months. Spectacular

It is difficult to find someone who will trust such a radical change. Precisely the ambition of the player himself is what has allowed him to turn the situation around . At 33, he refuses to be replaced by a generation. Time is giving him reason and experience has taught him how to dose . Prepared for the crucial moment of the season.


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