Marco Verratti in an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport reviews the tie against Real Madrid and tries to silence the rumors that place him outside PSG next season

Elimination in Champions: “Madrid is a heavy adversary but we were convinced to pass PSG is not that far from Madrid. episodes made a difference. Cristiano might not have done much in the first leg, but he scored two goals . “

Neymar's loss, key: It's like taking Messi away Barça they are players that represent 30% of a team, we are lucky that they are with us, they have paid a fortune because it is a phenomenon. “

Rumors of exit: ” I read that Raiola (his current agent) has offered me to Barcelona and is false . ectives and they know what I think. Things are clear, I have decided to stay. I have a fixed idea of ​​winning with the PSG which has made me grow as a person too. “

Neymar's continuity: ” Great goals are needed to achieve great goals. With him everything is easier . “

Juventus-Real Madrid: ” It's difficult for Juve, but not impossible. They can achieve it, although Madrid knows how to suffer. It's worse for Rome. Barcelona have also improved a lot in defense. “


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