<pre><pre> Wales calls Bale for an infernal trip: 12,000 kilometers to play a cup in China

Real Madrid has not been ashamed to know that Wales has called Gareth Bale for the China Cup, which will be held from March 22 to 1945 . The 12,000 kilometers he must travel and eight hours of time difference makes the white club not comfortable with the call of two obligations where the Welsh federation plans to enter a big hug of money at the expense of the exhibition of the Real Madrid player.

Real Madrid, who knows the history of injury of Bale and looks close to the quarters of the end of Champions until next week, just shakes on thinking that one of the stars may have a setback . The Welsh federation, already called Bale injured in September, does not have a good relationship with white after some strings and slacks in recent times.

Bale has lost prominently in Real Madrid last year, especially after being abandoned by the starting line-up of the Champions League band against Paris Saint Germain. But this situation does not mean that Zidane does not count on him and is uneasy to see the wonderful ride awaiting him and that the time difference can reduce his muscles.


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