Neymar celebrates a goal with PSG.

Arden means and networks (sometimes, not always, burn at the same time and for the same) with the hypothetical signing of Neymar for Madrid. The theoretical operation generates much of the madridismo an illusion that makes him feel guilty: the Madridista who loves Neymar in their ranks feels a little dirty and keeps the matter as if it were a small perversion of the bedroom. On the other hand, the Madridistas who oppose the arrival of the Brazilian are noisy and resounding. In the desacomplejadamante madridista portal that I edited, La Galerna we have done a survey that has resulted in a positive result regarding the arrival of Ney but with a pyrrhic and disturbing difference: 51% -49%. [19659002] I understand very well (and to some extent I share the concern they have) the arguments against the possible signing. His shameless image does not fit with the circumspection that madridism solicits its idols, its environment is considered toxic (most probably in all fairness) and its tendency to prioritize World Cup or festive dates is not overlooked. the clubs that have paid so far, and there is no amnesia about his signing for the club when he had almost done with Florentino.

All this said, my feeling is that opposing this signing is, like it or not , how to blow against the wind. It will happen.

It will happen for two reasons: because two of the three parties involved are absolutely determined to carry it out, and because it does not seem that the third party involved is interested in maintaining a player who has decided your future. So true is that the PSG does not need the money of a transfer at all, as maintaining a less than mutinous player in his ranks would be nonsense that would not benefit his project.

The pass will also take place because The financial aspect of the matter, although complicated, is achievable. Madrid has 300 million boxed thanks to its good economic management and savings in recent galactic signings (which have not existed); it also has financial credit wherever it is requested and due to the solvency of the president and the club itself; and it has in addition the well-founded belief that, no matter how great the financial sacrifice of the investment, it will be more than recovered through the extraordinary income that Neymar would generate.

Such a thing would happen sooner rather than later and almost with independence of the sport performance that Neymar offers later (here is the example of Kaká, resounding sport failure that nevertheless was a success in terms of income generation). Regarding the amount of the operation with the PSG (and with the referred environment of the player, which of course would take his part), the obstacles are therefore solvable.

Neymar celebrates a goal with PSG.



As for Neymar's salary, the other financial aspect of the signing, it seems feasible for the Brazilian to access a reduction with respect to what he charges in Paris in exchange for access to income advertising that will be multiplied by its link to Madrid, resulting in annual figures so higher than those earned with the PSG shirt that even sharing image rights with the white club itself will mean a net final increase in income.

An eventual upward renewal of Cristiano, in parallel, will prevent problems of jealousy among those who are called to live a few more years as the team's top two stars. Neymar will accept to charge a little less from the club where he plays (not for altruism or madridism, but because other income will compensate for that impairment) and Cristiano will accept, thanks to a raise, share with the Brazilian the highest rung of the salary ladder.

No there is nothing in this very possible operation that should be contemplated outside the global framework in which it would take place, because Real Madrid competes with an atypical structure (it is owned by its partners and can not nurture its funds through simple capital increases) in medium of a petro-olarized sporting context in which clubs owned by the most opulent states on the planet dominate the market.

Only extraordinary marketing revenues allow the club chaired by Florentino (and I would say very hard) to compete in that jungle, and that's where the signings of players like Neymar acquire the character of strategic. If he can get it, Madrid is not in a position to renounce the flow of income that will be the Christian-Neymar duo. If we circumscribe ourselves to sports, I like Kane much more, but Kane does not have anywhere near such an optimal profile in the financial part of the binomial. In other words, you can demand that Madrid maintain its traditional capital structure or that it does not sign Neymar, but there is a certain inconsistency (or hypocrisy) in simultaneously demanding both. And, in addition, that Madrid always wins the Champions, put to ask.

As a Madridista, from the strictly football perspective, Neymar inspires me a relative enthusiasm. But I am aware of the exposed factors. For the rest, he is an exceptional striker, even though he is not the one who generates the most enthusiasm, and I trust in a process of chamartinization capable of restricting the weight of the negative cultural factors (character, environment) previously exposed. When he is part of that wardrobe (which, as I explain, will happen sooner rather than later), he will have Sergio Ramos on his right and his friend Marcelo on the left. He will have Cristiano. To Carvajal. A Modric. To Nacho. To Keylor. With that company, you have to work hard to remain a tarambana to succeed in your claim.


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