“In boxing, if you want to win a title, you have to fight with the current champion: using our weapons we will achieve it!” . Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri seems to have forgotten about the Cardiff final and is not afraid of anyone . Already, because the “Vecchia Signora” of season 17-18 is not the same team as last June. Not at all. This Juve has a lot more confidence and personality.

#Finoallafine (#hastaelfinal): in fact, her slogan has never been as evident as this year. When Napoli was already dreaming of the victory of the Scudetto, the Bianconeri have had an impressive run, reversing all the forecasts and conquering again the first place in the Serie A. An important road in Italy and in Europe, especially inside the Allianz Stadium in Turin. The market (and time) have improved the level of the team, despite the unexpected sale of Bonucci to Milan. So, for example, Benatia has become the “B” that was missing from the BBC, Matuidi has added muscle, balance and experience in the core, while Buffon, Chiellini and Barzagli know that this may be the last the occasion of his career to win the most important Cup of all.

And the weapons of Juventus obviously do not end with his defensive “Wall” and his midfield, because Higuain already decides eliminatory, Dybala invents in search of the consecration, Mandzukic sacrifices himself in the band as a runner and Douglas Costa loves it with his “danced futebol”. But the real weapon of the Italian team is none other than his coach: few in the world like Allegri can read the games and learn from their mistakes. We saw it at Wembley against Tottenham, a round of 16 decided exactly by the changes of the Tuscan coach. Juve has assimilated the lesson of Cardiff and can not afford another false step, from the first leg in Italy. For these reasons, the double confrontation with the meringues this time will be more balanced. Although Zidane's Real Madrid remains the best team in the world.


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