Marco Asensio, in celebration of his goal in Munich.

Few expressions as vibrant as a Bayern Munich – Real Madrid will have football and none as the Spanish team to represent what is the European Cup. The team of Zidane, his own in Champions. Win, hold and fight. And go back. His victory in Munich reflects this team with thirst for Thirteenth very difficult to sink.

Madrid prevailed over Bayern in a very European Cup match, those difficult to play and matched from start to finish. A classic encounter between two European giants that ended in white victory, simply by knowing how to read the game better. Also for his nose for goal and for the decisions of Zidane. And, especially, to resist. Because he started losing and saw the 2-0 close. But Madrid always has many lives.

Marco Asensio, in celebration of his goal in Munich.


After a few first minutes of scoring, with mutual respect and equality, Bayern changed what was there in the purest German style: example of strength and roller. They started balls to the area, approaches to Keylor's goal and continued feeling of danger. The goal, a little before the half hour, came with a long career of Kimmich by an empty band, left thus by Marcelo, and there he ran and ran after a good pass from James Rodriguez. When he stepped on the area, perhaps he launched without believing, but Keylor Navas helped him. The 'tico' goalkeeper believed that the German player would focus and therefore neglected the first suit, where the ball entered. Keylor came to touch the ball, which further evidenced his failure.

Marcelo had also failed and criticism awaited him. But the Brazilian side must be loved. Everything that takes away from you, gives it to you later. When Madrid was worse, suffering the German anger, which had changed the script and rhythm of the game after 1-0, Marcelo found a ball right in the front of the area, stepping on the line of the big area, and impaled with his left leg the shot with force and precision. It was the ball stuck to the post, impossible for Ulreich, the substitute of the injured Neuer. The draw was glory for Madrid, who scored in the heat of the break.

And after that, the change of Zidane and the goal of Asensio. The French coach changed the match, and perhaps the tie, removing Isco and taking the Mallorcan right out of the locker room. And after that, Marco's goal, which took advantage of Lucas Vázquez's counter attack, after a huge mistake by Rafinha. The two, examples of that Madrid fight and worker, drew the play of the second goal as they did the first in Paris. Asensio, with an intelligent touch, scored the 1-2.

Bayern continued fighting, which is no longer that team of recent years that was stubborn in an idea and did not leave it. After seasons of meaningless (and unsuccessful) inventions by Guardiola and a minimum stage of Ancelotti's failures, Jupp Heynckes brought back this Bayern who could win or lose, but who It is competitive to the maximum. It is a fighting machine.

He made good saves Keylor, who lives between evil and good, and Cristiano was knocked out by a goal, well the referee, by controlling the ball with the brao. And all this with Carvajal injured, which was changed by Benzema! in another tactical movement of Zidane, who delayed Lucas to the side. The French missed a face to face that could have brought tranquility to Madrid.

The match was old with modern touches. The tension and duels of yesteryear with the new soccer model now. The confrontations to face of dog with the touches of quality of the great soccer players of now, better than those of 15 years ago. A very competitive match, as always were the Bayern – Madrid. They are two of the biggest in the history of this sport.

It is round. And after what was seen at the Bernabéu against Juventus, it can not be said that Madrid have a foot and a half in the final in Kiev. Yes, logically, that is closer than Bayern. And that is the most important. Madrid, always, is alive in Europe. And he plays the Thirteenth after the victory, of great merit, in Munich.




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