Heynckes, in the celebration of the Bundesliga of Bayern.

It is the European derby the classic of continental football. The duel between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich is the best representation of the European Cup . The last team that won three times in a row this competition (from 1974 to 1976) against the club that wants this year to repeat that feat. An eliminator that dignifies football.

Germans and Spaniards, in these judicial times, will face on Wednesday April 25 in Munich and on Tuesday May 1 in Madrid. Only six days of difference between round trip for to decide the first finalist of the Champions that, with respect to Liverpool and Rome (the other tie), will be the favorite in the final of Kiev.

Bayern Munich is a classic team from Europe, champion of five editions, but in recent times, coinciding with the changes in the benches, fell in Europe. After a few years in which even minor squads reached far in Champions (in 2010, for example, with Van Gaal reached the final of the Bernabéu), Guardiola and Ancelotti restrained that good health in Europe . Not a single final in four years when before he got three in that period. The last one that led to the big Champions League game against Bayern was Jupp Heynckes . Today he is again his coach

Heynckes, in the celebration of the Bundesliga of Bayern.


That's the great change of the Bavarian team, its coach. Bayern has regained the status of “German” in football. It is again the typical iron, rocky, competitive team that aims to win and not to please. That is, the one who best understands the essence of football. Mix that with a football not as vibrant as the 2013 but effective . And with some touches of interesting players. Without playing very well in Champions, he reached the semifinals without problems. Now he has the biggest challenge.

Bayern is reliable with Heynckes. Win or lose, but any fan knows that this team competes, the characteristic that has always been the most famous of Bayern. With the German coach (who, remember, was the coach of Real Madrid in the Seventh European Cup), Bayern is not the 0-4 against Madrid or 3-0 at the Camp Nou.

Heynckes, in fact, is that talisman that Bayern should consider making a statue next to the Allianz Arena. He reached the Champions League final in 2012 lost on penalties to Chelsea in his own stadium after an agonizing (but brilliant) pass at the Bernabéu in the semifinals. Despite the blow, returned to the final in 2013 and that time if he won in the first German duel in a final in the history of the competition. That year won the Triplete even knowing since February that he was not following (he signed his retirement voluntarily) and that Guardiola was his substitute.

<img id="img_ID299483168C73707365I1475046272" src="https://realmadridsport.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/1523633651_485_bayern-munich-the-european-colossus-that-heynckes-recovered-from-the-lethargy.jpg" alt=" Thiago, along with his teammates, in the celebration of a goal. [19659005] Thiago, with his teammates, in the celebration of a goal.


After a few years of inventions, in which Guardiola completely changed (worse, the results prove it) to the Bavarian team, the Catalan coach squandered the inheritance they had left him. Not a single Champions final with two editions suffering from goals against Real Madrid and Barcelona. Pep just equaled Heynckes in the number of Bundesligas (three out of three), at a time when there is so much difference between Bayern and the rest in Germany that the league is not serving as a real trial for describe a project

After Guardiola Ancelotti arrived and there came the decline . The Italian neither qualified Bayern for the Champions semifinals nor did he take him to the Cup final. In his second year, he was dismissed because he had led the German colossus to a grotesque situation: third in the Bundesliga and thrashed by PSG in the first phase of the Champions . It was when Bayern, desperately, called Heynckes who accepted the order to save his team, returning from retirement and on condition of only being this year. That's right, because they have already confirmed that Niko Kovac, coach of Eintracht Frankfurt, will be his substitute.

Since then, a Bayern that the best qualifier that can be put is that of Bayern . That says everything. Physically it is good and this is a fact to be taken into account, because it was one of the reasons why the players of the German team, demonstrating their professionalism, got tired of Ancelotti. With 'Carletto', word of the players, they barely trained and had to do private exercises to not lose form.

Bayern Munich will be the rival of Real Madrid in the semifinals of the Champions

With Jupp, already with 72 years Bayern does not lose in Champions, although it has not destroyed as much as before. He fixed the Paris disaster and beat PSG 3-1 but the legacy left by Ancelotti left him second in the group, behind the French. Later the luck smiled to him: it touched to him in eighths to the first of group looser (the Besiktas to which it was easily removed with an 8-1 global) and in quarters to Sevilla with whom he suffered more than the score (1-2 in Seville, with two goals in own of the Andalusian team, and 0-0 in Munich). In the Bundesliga, only two defeats (Leipzig and Mönchengladbach, both at home) and a draw (Hertha Berlin). The League has already won.

Although the simple change of face on the bench has already changed Bayern a lot, there are also football changes . Heynckes has achieved a kind of second (or third or fourth …) youth of Ribbery and Robben has conceded to James Rodriguez (eye, returns to the Bernabéu, is on loan, may play and may be the executioner) in the attack and has resurrected Müller before Heynckes inconsequential. But in addition to all that, and the goals of Lewandowski, one of the figures of Bayern is a Spaniard.

Javi Martínez has become the pillar of this Bayern in which he has been since 2012 but where he is now his figure is much more important despite the little media component that drags (another in this sport that rewards the scorers and shut up, with injustice, those who 'sting stone'). The ex-Athletic is the link between the attack and the defense, who holds the German team . Already last year, at Bayern-Madrid, his expulsion led to the collapse of the German team. Martinez has already done too many merits to go to the World Cup.

 Javi Martínez, in the foreground, along with colleagues from Bayern.

Javi Martínez, in the foreground, with Bayern team-mates.


Bayern – Real Madrid is the European Cup at its best in the heat of April and May. It is to recover those titanic struggles of the late twentieth century and early twenty-first. It was there when the legend of the duels between these two teams was magnified. The largest in Spain and the largest in Germany divided the power of Europe. If one did not reach the final (Madrid did it in 1998, 2000 and 2002), the other did (Bayern arrived in 1999 and 2001). They were always in tight duels. It was the time of the Kahn, Effenberg, Elberg, Salihamidžić, among others, on one side and the Roberto Carlos, Figo, Hierro, Raúl … on another. Hitzfeld and Del Bosque on the bench

This Bayern has recovered the qualification and the aura. And on the bench is the coach of the Seventh of Madrid the same that took Mourinho the Tenth in that duel that ended in a penalty shootout. The simple presence of Heynckes makes the German colossus much more feared.

 Heynckes, in the celebration of the sixth Bundesliga of Bayern.

Heynckes, in the celebration of the sixth Bundesliga of Bayern.




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