<pre>Bayern's TD transmitted security for arbitration against Real Madrid

Jupp Heynckes, coach of Bayern Munich, freed pressure from Dutch referee Björn Kuipers who will lead the first leg of the semi-finals at the Allianz Arena, saying he knows him “very well” and is “Very calm”, convinced that nothing of the controversy that arose in the duel between Real Madrid-Juventus will condition

“I am not worried about the referee, in all my coaching career I have always behaved very well to the referees, I have always been objective with his judgment and tomorrow (Wednesday) is a Champions semifinal where the best referees are, I have full confidence in the referee, I know him quite well and I am very calm, “he said. press conference at the Allianz Arena.

Real Madrid reached the semifinals with a controversial penalty against Lucas Vázquez, however, Heynckes did not want to assess the play and transmitted a message of complete confidence in the referee.

v I on TV and I have my own opinion. In today's football, one as a coach, as a player or referee, is responsible for the delivery of great discipline. Of course there may be an erroneous decision of an arbitrator but you can never start the game with those thoughts, “he said.

” I enter the game neutrally, thinking about achieving the objectives sportingly and The rest is not in my hands, so I do not worry about the referee who also wants to show why he was chosen for a semifinal. “




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