Karim Benzema has not been cut in an interview with the magazine 'Vanity fair'. In it, he analyzes aspects of his life, but also of his professional career. He talks about the criticism he has to endure for not scoring goals and his relationship with Florentino Pérez. The Frenchman, in his plea to give headlines, comes to recognize: “If we listen well to Marseillaise, call to go to war and I do not like that.”

On criticism, he says: “If I play a bad game , I do not need to read the press to find out. Game to help my colleagues and to win everything, I do not care if my name is in the newspapers, that does not mean anything, “he says. And he goes on, to talk about how bad he was when he had to go through prison. “After spending a day in jail, I came back very trise. Florentino Pérez waited for me in Valdebebas and gave me all his affection. He is with me in the good and bad times, it's like my family. “

Finally, he talked about everything he had to sacrifice to perform at the highest level. “When I was 23, I saw that I was more disciplined or I went back to France. To stop eating everything I want is the greatest sacrifice I have ever made, “he concludes.




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