Minute 93. Michael Oliver, referee who directs the match, whistles a penalty in favor of Real Madrid. Buffon is sent off for protesting, Cristiano Ronaldo places the ball in the fateful spot and scores the maximum penalty (1-3), and then gets bundled up in the locker room tunnel. The Italian goalkeeper and several players of the Juventus reproach whites for their way of acting. Marcelo celebrating the move to the semifinals with arms raised.

Everyone goes to the dressing room tunnel. There, there is exchange of words, the occasional push and different impressions of the penalty. And who comes to put peace? Sergio Ramos. And what was he doing there if he was sanctioned? Being in a place that did not correspond. Because of this, he could be sanctioned. If the referee includes in the minutes that the Andalusian was in the zone of the dressing room tunnel, the central defender could miss the next match of the Champions League.

The rest of the players, after the discussions, withdrew to their respective changing rooms. Those of Juventus, outraged (Pjanic, for example, wrote “shame” on his Instagram account); and those of Real Madrid, happy. “I do not know why they protest, it was a penalty,” Cristiano Ronaldo acknowledged. In any case, if the referee has recorded some of the incidents in the minutes, the players could be penalized for their attitude at the end of the match.


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