<pre>Buffon raja of the referee:

Gianlugi Buffon was not cut after the elimination of Juventus at the Bernabéu in 93 (1-3). Michael Oliver, referee in charge of leading the match, whistled a Benatia penalty on Lucas Vázquez in the last minute and expelled the Italian goalkeeper for protesting the play. And, of course, after the match and before the cameras, the goalkeeper harshly attacked the refereeing: “If you have the cynicism of conceding a penalty like that in minute 93 you are not a man, you are an animal”, he said.

But his attack did not end there. “If you have no personality, stay in the stands eating potatoes with your wife and do not carry a feat like this,” he concluded, speaking to the microphones of BeIN Sports. This is how he fired Buffon in which he can be his farewell in the Champions League. “It can be, we'll see,” he added, to finish.

The Juventus which came from losing in Turin (0-3), managed to come back in the Bernabéu. Mandzukic scored two goals head in the first half and sent with concern to Real Madrid to the locker room. In fact, Zidane made two changes at the beginning of the second half: Lucas Vázquez and Asensio replaced Casemiro and Gareth Bale. And, minutes later, he left Modric and entered Kovacic . Meanwhile, Matuidi took advantage of a sung of Keylor Navas to score the third.

The match was tied at the last minute, but a takedown of Benatia on Lucas Vázquez was considered maximum penalty by the referee. Cristiano Ronaldo asked for the ball, placed it eleven meters from the goal and in front Szczesny – who entered after the expulsion of Buffon – placed it in the squad and gave the pass to Real Madrid for the eighth consecutive time. Afterwards, the Italian legend attacked the referee in front of the television cameras.



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