<pre>Bayern Munich - Real Madrid, in the semi-finals of the Champions League

Real Madrid, Liverpool, Bayern and Rome . These four teams will fight from here until the end of May to try to lift the long-awaited Champions League. The 'orejona' is the most precious object that exists in the world of football at club level. Amateurs, players and managers dream of keeping the trophy. Although there are other actors very interested in 'his' team dispute until the last minute.

They are neither more nor less than the sponsors of the shirts of these four privileged who dream of lifting the European Cup on the lawn of Kiev . Fly Emirates, T-Mobile and Standard Changered

Fly Emirates 'flies' with Real Madrid

To be one of the most important economic clubs on a sporting level you have to have a good budget. And to have a good budget you have to have a gigantic income, mainly from sponsorships. Real Madrid (with 620.1 million euros of revenue during the last season) meets all the requirements. The meringue ensemble has been the king of kings. Only the mega contract of Adidas with Manchester United and the contracts signed in 2016 by Fútbol Club Barcelona (one million more than Madrid) have relegated the white club to the third tier of the richest clubs, according to the latest study by Deloitte.

Of all that turnover, Real Madrid entered 212, 5 million marketing and sponsorships which is almost 35%, according to the club in its past annual accounts.

The main sponsor of the white club is Fly Emirates, which leaves the club chaired by Florentino Pérez up to 35 million euros per season . As a strategy, it could not have been better: it has been present in the tenth, eleventh and twelfth. The visual impact has been unquestionable.

But everything has its end. Real Madrid aims to capitalize on this scenario and its goal is to get a bigger slice in the next contract since at the end of this season it ends its relationship with the airline. For now, sources close to the club indicate that the negotiation is stopped and that soon the final result will be revealed.

Adidas, sportswear company that dresses Real Madrid is another big beneficiary. His love relationship extends from the year 2000 (precisely the year he won the eighth) and pays the Chamartín entity up to 40 'kilos' per year . This contract, he still has two more seasons.

Standard Chartered finally looks for Europe

Jurgen Kloop's Liverpool finally walks happily through Europe. Gone are the moments when I wandered around half the Premier League table and did not reach European places. It was in 2010 when the bank put its eyes on the red shirt and finally, after many sports disappointments, its name is seen by hundreds of millions of people.

The pinch for the 'reds' is important. The bank pays almost 28 million euros per season for appearing on the front of its shirt with the logo and the name of the entity. His contract expires next season and it is still unknown if the agreement between the club and the company will be renewed. If you use the calculator, the team of the English city is going to bag up to 252 million euros for wearing this advertising once the agreement.

But there is another brand that is also taking advantage. New Balance has started dressing Liverpool this season. The sports brand has bet heavily on the world of football, a sport that was forgotten and already has agreements with big clubs like Sevilla, the 'Pool' itself or Porto. The agreement is valued at a minimum of 2 5 million pounds per year (34.7 million euros).

History of a love in Munich

Bayern, who will face Real Madrid, maintains a idilio with his sponsor T-Mobile. Since 2002, the 'teleco' can be seen on the front of the Bavarian club jacket. Last year they sealed the extension of the contract and their relationship will last until June 2023.

This agreement is not only about sponsorship. Deutsche Telekom, owned by T-Mobile installed 115 kilometers of fiber optic cable in the Allianz Arena in what the club called the project 'Stadium Vision'. In addition, the telecommunications company committed to put 940 antennas to provide Wi-Fi throughout the stadium.

Deutsche Telekom reports around 30 million euros per season after the last signing of the new contract.

Rome, 'bare-chested'

The big surprise of the Champions League has been Rome. The Eternal City club is one of the few cases that exist in the world of elite football: has no publicity.

For several seasons, the Roman club has not found an economic viability, dragging losses of 53 million euros. The classification for semifinals could be a balm for their battered accounts.

In the marketing section, last year there was a stagnation in this plot. Roma entered only 4.88 million euros due partly due to the absence of a main sponsor



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