<pre>Ex-referees talk about the penalty:

Benatia's penalty to Lucas Vázquez in the last second of Real Madrid – Juventus will already go to the memory of football as one of the most controversial actions in the recent history of this sport.

The maximum penalty, transformed by Cristiano four minutes later (his pitch was lengthened by the continuous complaints of the Juventus players, with Buffon's expulsion included), was signaled by the English referee Michael Oliver when there were only three seconds left that the regulatory time was met, including the added one.

Benatia pushed Lucas Vázquez from behind, preventing him from finishing first, and then he hit him with his foot. Penalty? Too much to do at the last second and decide a tie? It was not?

Colleagues already retired and now give their arbitration criteria in different media.

“The downing of Benatia to Lucas Vázquez is not a penalty” commented Iturralde González in the Cadena SER . For the referee, with whom Real Madrid had one of the worst balance sheets in terms of victories / defeats, the English referee should not indicate the maximum penalty. “It's not enough to call a penalty, the referee has a lot of doubts, if he did not have Benatia thrown out” added the former Basque scholar

“There is not enough contact to declare the maximum penalty, Benatia gets to touch even the ball “explained Andujar Oliver in MARCA .

In exchange, Rafa Guerrero one of the members (assistant of band) most famous in the history of the League, yes that would have indicated a penalty, just as he did Michael Oliver. “The truth is that this is football, not another sport, and taking a ball like that is always lacking, and if it is inside the penalty area” Guerrero said, adding that “I can understand that the moment it occurs is painful for fans who are not from Madrid but the truth is that it is a penalty, sorry for Buffon “.

For Lucas Vázquez protagonist of the shootdown, the penalty is clear. “Yes it is, Cristiano gives it to me to the point of penalty and, when I am going to finish, the central one arrives from behind and rolls me in. There is no discussion” commented the Galician player of Real Madrid.

Harder it was Buffon expelled in the protests for this penalty (and later cheered by the Bernabéu), who went so far as to say that “if you have the cynicism of conceding a penalty like that in minute 93 you are not a man, you are an animal. “



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