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The Spanish media Sport, known to be akin to FC Barcelona reacted with indignation after the penalty Real Madrid won the series against ] Juventus in the Champions League and published an article to remember the “favors” that the club has received during the current season.

“Without going any further, this season they did not give three penalties to Valencia in the 'Bernabéu' on the second day, he was not punished hands Sergio Ramos with 0-0 against Dortmund and awarded the 1-3 of Cristiano in offside, in on Madrid-PSG there was a previous lack of CR7 to Kimpembe on 1-1 … “, said the publication.

Suma y sigue … ¡Así, así, así that's how Madrid wins! ! “, he added, alluding to the popular song invented in 1979 in Gijón.

After indicating that the painting” merengue “has” bula arb ” Itral “for having favors from the judges, and remembering that the Lucas Vázquez penalty” was very debatable “he maintains is” more than doubtful because the Juve player goes for the ball “.

” In any case, and once again, the controversy, and the scandal, are still traveling companions of Real Madrid in Europe. They are also in Spain. “



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