Andrés Iniesta is one of the few footballers who stands up fans from all fields of the world. In the figure of the manchego, football excellence and the fact of being one of the most beloved players by the public are united, either by his goal with Barça in Stamford Bridge, by his goal with the Spanish team in the World Cup finals. 2010 or simply because of who he is. That is why France Football magazine has apologized to him and that is why Sergio Ramos has said what he thinks of his teammate in the national team.

After the victory of Real Madrid at the Allianz Arena in Munich, the mixed zone was all Smiles and good feelings. Also in the captain of Real Madrid, who dedicated his greatest accolades to the couple formed by Lucas Vázquez and Marco Asensio. But Camas did not stay there. Asked about his opinion by Iniesta he did not hesitate in the least and came up with the crux of the matter.

“If Andres was named Andresinho, he would have two Gold Balls,” said the Sevillian. An affirmation that is based on the apologies of France Football, the magazine that awards the annual prize to the best player of the year, to Iniesta himself for not having been able to reward him throughout his career. And once again Ramos was right with the cause: “We are all guilty, we value little about the house and too much about the outside.”

The white captain aligned himself with the majority opinion on Fuentealbilla, which will most likely announce this Friday its march of FC Barcelona towards a Chinese team. However, several girlfriends have gone out to Iniesta, as it is rumored that Pep Guardiola would have tempted him to sign for Manchester City and exhaust the last few drops of talent in the citizen team.




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