There were days of intransigence, days of not knowing the face of Madrid of not knowing if that team – not too well in Liga – would yield as expected. Or, simply, as he appeared in Champions where he often caressed excellence. However, now there are no doubts or hesitations. The set of Zidane yields as in past years. He is reliable in defense, accurate in attack and solid in all his lines. Even, at times, exalted, as in the two plays of victory. A goal of absence from Isco and a choral combination in the front of the area that ended with Casemiro finishing at goal [narración y estadísticas: 1-2].

Enjoyed the game of the least significance, counted with teams without horizon in Liga and absence of some protagonists -for example, that of Cristiano Ronaldo -. And it responded to the expected. The Madrid with changes in the lineup ( Benzema in tip, Kovacic in midfield, Theo in the left wing … ) played, controlled and had the best chances. And, as expected, he went ahead. Isco who returned to his home ground, in a foul, placed the ball, looked at it, blessed it and placed it inside the goal. 0-1 and ready. He played the music and his team danced in his wake. Or maybe not, because the Andalusian team, after so much white, could be done with the draw. In fact, Iturra was about to take advantage of an error of Casemiro to beat Keylor Navas. He did not do it and he paid the Malaga who went to the tunnel of changing rooms below.

And, after the break, expected. Madrid did not change the dynamics. He played, scored the rhythm and scored the second in a play of post. Benzema on the front, with a good maneuver, put it to Isco and he left it to Casemiro to score the second goal. And, from there, little else. The French striker, excellent throughout the game, continued to win in confidence, although, once again, he finished the game without seeing the door. The Andalusian midfielder, in his homeland, was a prophet. More than ever, he leaked passes for the top men and managed the threads.

Madrid, in short, won in confidence. Even Ceballos who jumped in the second half to the pitch, was reunited with the touch football that so much touts. But not only him. Vallejo and Kovacic also showed that they are to be holders in this team. Everyone took a step forward. They know that the League is finalized, but they oppose being part of the game in the achievement of the Thirteenth. They believe, their coach believes and the club believes. Three matches Madrid has no more to raise another 'Orejona', and plans to do with all plugged. ¡¡No!




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